I wish Heidi all the best in winning her electorate. …

Comment on Widow cities and rural bliss: a diverse electorate by Enid Harland.

I wish Heidi all the best in winning her electorate. She is a very accomplished young lady and I am sure will do her very best.

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We need to get these kids off the streets: Wakefield
As has been mentioned twice in comments, the problem starts with the parents. These children do not go home because often there is little to go home to.
They roam the streets, are bored, often in groups and end up breaking into homes and businesses.
Many of them are on drugs.
To solve this problem we need to start at the bottom with the parents, for so long they have got off scott free.

CLP fiasco: Now Oz is laughing about us, not with us
Excellent read, Prof Gerristen. My thoughts entirely.

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