Hi Lou, It would be great to meet you to …

Comment on Widow cities and rural bliss: a diverse electorate by Heidi Williams.

Hi Lou, It would be great to meet you to discuss your perception.
In case people have short term memory, what has happened out bush under the 12 years of labor has been consistently disempowering.
I know because I was living in a community at the time. The botched Local Government reforms that took the voice away from the bush, the CLP brought it back.
There was a record investment into remote communities across the Northern Territory. Namatjira has seen a great share of it, under a CLP government.
There was the abysmal SIHIP failure of dodgy repairs and millions of dollars wasted on administration to interstate companies. This government has introduced the Remote Procurment Policy that sees a 30% Aboriginal employment requirement for all remote contracts.
The recent announcement of the Remote Housing Development Authority, a first ever in the Northern Territory’s history,is giving ownership back to the bush. It is a housing strategy that the Northern Territory has not had since we last held government. This government is delivering.
I spent a few years working in Aboriginal economic development. This drove me to study at night for a post grad in Indigenous Policy Development, while working in the electorate of Namatjira.
This opened my mind and through educating myself I found the core to improving the policies and livelihood of our next generation. It is all in the ability to influence change as a MLA.
That’s what I’m driven to do, achieving true liberalism.
I also encourage you to see what Minister Price has achieved as the Minister for Housing in just over a year.
She has influenced positive change in public housing. How does building houses in places like Utopia and Elliot that have been long forgotten equate to being the worst Minister?
I note your reference to my appearance: As a progressive liberal I draw to your attention that if in 2016 we can’t have all people welcome in all industries despite our physical appearance or gender then we truly are not moving with the times.
You are right, what counts is the person that will work hard for the bush. I have worked from the ground up, in private enterprise, with sheer determination and hard work. This the bush has seen and I look forward to continuing to support the electorate of Namatjira.

Recent Comments by Heidi Williams

Rural land misuse in Tollner’s too hard basket
In regards to the commercial activity in the rural area I understand that home based businesses are permitted to operate under the rural living zoning, but the definition of home based business needs to be looked at in regards to limit of activity, size sheds etc in RL zoning.
I understand the Development Consent Authority considers all complaints put to them and are bound by the current zoning and business definitions.
Yes, it does need tidying up, but we certainly don’t want to see businesses shut down because of it.
It is a shame the current member has not done anything about this issue when she was in a position to do so, and that is the same for the NBN issue.
How was Ilparpa missed out? One must ask the question. As the Country Liberal candidate for Namatjira I will be lobbying for NBN connectivity for the Ilparpa region and will be an active member committed to the appropriate growth of Alice Springs.
It is an added business cost that as Chris Tangey stated is about time, efficiency and money.
As I am out in the electorate I am hearing all sides to the issue and welcome your views as I step into the seat and look forward to being an active Member for Namatjira.

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