Huge Finke media contingent to put Alice on the map





As the competitors in the Tatts Finke Desert Race battle it out in the prologue for starting position tomorrow, a huge media contingent is swinging into action.


The Finke is likely to be the region’s biggest event when it comes to attracting attention, nationally and world-wide: 104 media workers are registered this year, one of the highest numbers, if not the biggest ever, in the event’s 41 year history, says media coordinator Penny Gordon.


Journalists from all states are present, except Tasmania, as well as some from China.


A “catalyst” to the large media interest is highly sponsored Dakar winner Toby Price who attracted media enquiries from countries including the UK, Germany, the USA and China, says Ms Gordon.


Price will competing on a KTM 500 EXC bike as well as a Geiser Brothers Trophy Truck with a 6000cc Chevrolet engine.


p2333-Finke-4Ms Gordon says the world-wide social media traffic on the event is expected to be huge.


The top finishers in the Car & Buggy Prologue, tightly spaced, were (so far):–
Jack Rhodes, SA, Jimcon Aussie Special, 5:12.
Shannon Rentsch, Vic, Jimco Buggy, 5:16.
Beau Robinson, WA, Chev 6000, 5:20.
Mark Burrows, Vic, MBR Jimco, 5:20.
Greg Gartner, SA, Ford 6000, 5:21.


Price is in 15th position with a time of 5:36 and the Chinese entrant, Baojun Yang, is in 76th place with 6:55.


PHOTOS: Part of the media contingent at yesterday’s briefing given by Finke president Antony Yoffa (far right) • This morning’s prologue.


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