Dear Chris, I will be happy to meet you when I’m …

Comment on Rural land misuse in Tollner’s too hard basket by Jill Bottrall.

Dear Chris,
I will be happy to meet you when I’m in the NT late next week to discuss this further, but I disagree with the premise of your assertion that Ilparpa has been by-passed by the NBN. It has not.
The Sky Muster satellite service is far from “crappy” as you suggest. If you live in Ilparpa, you are eligible to apply for an NBN Sky Muster connection now and plans and prices are availabe to view via the NBN website on All you need do is type your address into the Check Your Address tab on the NBN website homepage and it will link to the telco providers offering a satellite broadband service.
A range of price-competitive plans are available to view.
The Sky Muster service is the best broadband service in the world according to independent experts Ovum.
I suggest you connect first and judge after you begin using the service.
All best for now,
Jill Bottrall
State Corporate Affairs Manager SA and NT

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