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Comment on Serious Whitefella Stuff: have we got a program for you! by Jack.

Re comments on Ali Curung, All members of the community speak and understand English so the claim that translators were not provided is misleading.
Residents of the community did attend meetings because there were benefits on offer that they were very interested in, including a new community bus.
Families were well aware of the obligations on them and already were fulfilling their duty to keep their kids clean and feed them.
The exceptions were the numerous alcoholics in the community and the government program was not going to change the course of their addiction.
In the end the bus and other goodies were used to death and trashed and not much else changed.
Bribing people to live more like whitefellas is a failed strategy.

Jack Also Commented

Serious Whitefella Stuff: have we got a program for you!
Baron they are modifying / incorporating / evolving old traditions into into a modern life – an Aboriginal modern life, that is.
Not understanding that is the fatal flaw in the book.
There is an assumption that whitefellas and blackfellas want the same things when they don’t or rather want things on their own terms.
Instead of recognising that bureaucracies are blamed for the failure to implement programs and excuses made for blackfellas who were not job ready, didn’t understand, weren’t consulted properly, could only work in the garden intermittently because trainers were not always there?

Recent Comments by Jack

Dumbing down Alice Springs
We all know that the NT Government is heavily mired in crippling debt.
Of course, the CDU has to be downsized and it must happen in a sensible manner.
Simply, which courses are producing real outcomes, i.e. getting students jobs?
Higher education for remote students is laudable but has failed at huge expense over many years.
How many Aboriginal teachers and nurses are there who are actually employed?
Almost none.
There are many courses that lead to almost zero employment outcomes.
Art courses in the Correctional Centre is one of them and this must be discontinued.
Music was abolished some time ago but somehow art survived.
The NT can no longer pay for recreational courses.
The NT Government and CDU do have to slash costs but should maintain the courses and staff that are producing real employment outcomes.
The rest do have to go and the sooner the better. We are broke.

Mating odour to catch feral cats
Cats roam and I wonder how many much-loved pet cats have ended up on this rural property.
Cats should always be trapped and taken to the local shelter.
Shelter staff and volunteers will then check for a microchip to see if there is a registered owner and advertise online to try to re-home. They are dealt with humanely at all times.

Back to the future with Warren Snowdon
@ Frank Baarda: The helium is a byproduct of Central Petroleum’s (ASX CTP) Mt Kitty petroleum system to the far west of Alice Springs near the Kintore community.
The Suprise 1 well at Mt Kitty pumped oil for more than a year that was transported in tankers. Little has been reported by the company on the commercial possibilities of the helium.

End of search for Monika Billen
My drone flying friends say that not finding Monika is a disgrace.
Forget the old tech ground searches.
Fly the latest high tech drones equipped with high-resolution cameras or video and analyse the results.
She would have been found on day two after being reported missing.
After an initial cost of perhaps $100,000 the drone system would pay for itself within a year and the tourist industry would be better off.

The financial crisis in the Northern Territory
James, I suspect that remote community infrastructure does add to the NT’s revenue stream, as it always has. Case in point (admittedly dated):
Federal grant of $500,000 for remote preschool.
NT admin tax $250,000.
Old asbestos clad science block sent to the community (instead of dumping it}.
Over the next three months, Alice Springs tradies renovate the building.
There is no money left for painting so that becomes a school expense.
Darwin designed building has no security so is broken into and trashed, then closed for six months as the school tries to get it repaired.
So the NT Government gets a windfall profit, Alice Springs businesses do well and the community gets a high maintenance asbestos building.

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