So a vote for the Labor / Greens team would …

Comment on Storage major obstacle for going mostly solar: TG by Marcus.

So a vote for the Labor / Greens team would ensure each home would end up with a power bill that is totally unaffordable except to the very rich or someone on politicians’ wages.
Australian politics seem to run on emotions, but people need real facts and costings to see how the outcome of their votes will affect their hip pocket.
So given a worker’s spare cash is to be spent on what was affordable cheap energy, how the hell will anyone, ever again, afford cars, holidays and all the other fun things in life?
1 Territory who has preferenced the Greens need to come on here and explain their decision to voters.

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Plan for auxiliaries to replace cops at bottlos
It has been very peaceful in Alice Springs since the bottle shop cops have been in control.
When Labor comes to power – all that will go out the window.
Back to the good ol’ days of drunks, drunks and more drunks.
But Labor doesn’t care about the average person or their safety, as you will soon be reminded.

August poll: Giles promises on housing, tourism, gas
I agree with the energy issue as South Australia seems to be in crises with frightening jumps in power prices. It is now and expensive place to live.
It is hard to know exactly what Labor stands for politically, as they prematurely closed the power stations without ensuring reliable, reasonably priced power.
Added to that, workers suddenly found themselves unemployed and the small close-knit towns in South Australia’s north are dying because of the Green’s policy which Labor obeys.
I can see why Labor needs votes to get it over the line everywhere in Australia now, as it’s support base has shrunk.
But to ally themselves with a party philosophically opposed to what they are MEANT to stand for – working men and women and their families – then it is nothing more than a puppet of a very narrow focused political party.
Maybe someone should start a political party for the workers – a real one. It might even prove popular, especially with those employed in the natural gas industry and everyone else who relies on power.
In the mean time, don’t vote Green / Labor if want to maintain your standard of living.

Alice to be mountain biking capital
Cool. This is a great idea for Alice Springs.

Palm Valley suffers as buffel intrudes
The idea of sentencing prisoners to the job of buffel control is a good one. While the cost of eradication is probably too high, national parks etc could benefit from a determined effort to stop the spread of this grass.
And while slashing, burning and chipping is great, it is worth remembering that the World Health Organisation warned that the chemical glyphosate (which is herbicide Round Up) “probably causes cancer”.

Council cops out on frack-free zone
There is one thing missing from this argument – scientific facts, real ones, not Medicare-like propaganda “facts” from demonstrators.
Let’s hear from a range of scientists and also people who actually work in both the gas and solar industry.
Let’s see facts about environmental damage incidents if any have occurred at all due to fracking.
Let’s see facts about production output of solar energy and see if it can provide EXACTLY the same amount of energy that is required right now.
Don’t forget, it is our basic right to have an uninterrupted source of power.
I have lived in a 3rd world country where power was continually interrupted. The result: Businesses left and so did the people. This WILL happen in the NT if power cannot be guaranteed, in which case the Lock the Gates signs on fences may well change to read: For Sale – heavily discounted.
We may, as consumers, be very sorry indeed if we ban something that is not dangerous and try to replace it with something that is unreliable and unavailable as solar power is right now.
In the future, there will no doubt be a lot of cheap energy for us all. But not now … not now.

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