Since when were batteries the only storage option? Let’s see the …

Comment on Storage major obstacle for going mostly solar: TG by Alex Hope.

Since when were batteries the only storage option?
Let’s see the coatings for extending the grid up and down the Stuart Highway with dispersed solar generation, for solar with gas back up, for tapping into geothermal sources, for solar thermal with molten salt storage, etc.

Recent Comments by Alex Hope

Former Anzac Hill High School: time to take stock
In the days of the CLP government of the 80’s and 90’s it was easy to believe that under a Labor government things would be different, and some pride might be taken in our heritage.
However things have fared little better under the ALP. Memorably we saw the irony of an Aboriginal minister approving the demolition of the whitefella heritage Rieff building (with the charming pressed tin verandah ceiling) on the corner of Hartley and Gregory, to enable the expansion of the Aboriginal-owned Yeperenye Centre. Was this a bit of payback for the wanton destruction of Aboriginal sacred sites around town (eg the Caterpillar tail on Barrett Drive)?
And now we have the apparent childish peevishness of “well you mob don’t want to let us build the (so called) National Aboriginal Art Gallery where we know it should go so guess what we’re going to knock down your old high school so Nyah Nyah Nyah”.
For Goodness’ sakes.
I can’t tell the difference between the CLP Drongos and the ALP ones.
It will make it hard to get out of bed on polling day…

Council cemetery: Seven years of planning, no conclusive result
It is indeed hot and barren at the Memorial Avenue cemetery, so how about building a giant shade structure over the top?
This could be two stories high and be used as, guess what, a National Aboriginal Art Gallery.
There I already lots of car parking available at the Aviation Museum and Araluen Gallery…
Oh, I forgot.
Perhaps the Aboriginal artists and their community might like to be asked where they want a gallery.
Sorry. Stupid idea. I take it back.
But only half as stupid as knocking down a 10 year old, $10m “state of the art” sustainable council chamber to build a gallery.
Though of course that would avoid any arguments about the need to heritage list the Council Chambers in future.
Oh dear oh dear, we really do live in Drongoland.

Council: yes to protecting NT drinking water from fracking, no to declaring a climate emergency
So who are the “real scientists ” Philby?
Are they the same ones who insist that measles vaccine causes autism?
And was Maggie Thatcher a closet Marxist because she was convinced by the evidence for anthropogenic global warming back in about 1980 (or was it because she had a degree in chemistry from Oxford and was trained to sift the through the evidence? )
Even under another right wing prime minister (Theresa May) the Poms have become very serious about curbing their CO2 emissions.
And what about all the high finance investors who are choosing to invest in renewable energy rather than coal to make electricity, are they all Marxist climate alarmists too?
This is beyond party politics.
I urge you (and our own climate-change denying government) to look beyond the ends of your noses and read it the writing on the wall!

Huge experiment in NT bush will cast light on sun vs diesel
Alternative “batteries” include
• Pumped hydro (which can be underground, pumping from a lower to a higher aquifer);
• Stacked concrete blocks, lifted by an electric crane, which is run backwards as a generator when they are lowered again – sounds far fetched but after a successful pilot a full size one is being built in Switzerland;
• Molten salt heated by a solar concentrating plant using focussed mirrors (as per the stalled Port Augusta proposal);
• Compressing fluids (water or air) into depleted oil or gas wells and generating power by releasing them through turbines.
All of these have potential to provide continuity of electricity generation when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow, and may prove cheaper and have longer lives than lithium ion batteries.
A year or two ago the idea of solar power export to Adelaide was poo-pooed, but now we have a commercial prospect of sending it to Indonesia. It is time to be a little more visionary.

‘Voter apathy greatest threat to Territory democracy’
The figures are disturbing. I understand that the Commonwealth defunded the team who used to go out and enrol people in remote areas, with the above results.
One of the strengths of our democracy, in contrast to that of other countries and the USA in particular, is compulsory voting. Perhaps we need a better system for enforcing it, such as linking electoral registration to the tax file number for example?
After all, casting a ballot still allows for the protest vote, which perhaps should be formally published if it is 80% of “informal” votes. When I have written “a pox on all your houses” across my ballot paper I have intended it as a message to the politicians and the system: That I have not been offered a candidate worthy of my vote, it would be nice to know that protest was being tallied.

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