Russell: Contrary to some, I feel that the recent election …

Comment on Snowdon keeps Lingiari despite a drop in his vote by Hal Duell.

Russell: Contrary to some, I feel that the recent election showed that our political system is in rude good health and not in decline at all.
Case in point is the election of Ms Hanson. While her ideas, or as much as I can ascertain them, are anathema to me, I also realise that mine would probably be anathema to her. I have no problem with that. The problems start when either of us is not allowed to express our ideas in a give and take debate.
Everyone elected was elected equally. Now it’s up to them to make it work.
And Paul Kelly would do well to pull his head in. I didn’t see him getting elected to anything.

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Snowdon keeps Lingiari despite a drop in his vote
@Russell Guy
Palmer, Windsor and Oakeshot? No Xenophon, Hinch, Katter or Hanson?
What I think you are missing in your disappointment is that while far from perfect, the Australian electoral system delivered, after an eight week campaign that almost put us all to sleep, a representative and diverse government in which all members will have to work together if they want it to work at all.
Democracy at work through a good system that has delivered an outcome in which the 51% will not be able to ignore the 49%. What not to like?

Snowdon keeps Lingiari despite a drop in his vote
I’m with Dalton on this. 25% of the primary vote to independents and minor parties? I think it’s clear that a growing number of voters are tired of being handed a thorn and told to think of roses.
Now, no matter the final outcome – whether it be majority or minority government, and no matter which major party holds the treasury – every piece of legislation will have to be negotiated through the Senate. Good!

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Do what I do: a lesson for the government, police
@ John Bell, Posted March 28, 2020 at 8:47pm: Bit of a cheap shot, that “Wuhan Virus”.
It could just as easily be called the Fort Detrick Virus.
Maybe we should all just stick with COVID-19 until we know more.

Do what I do: a lesson for the government, police
That the officer in question did what he did speaks to a degree of selfish irresponsibility that has to call into question his right to bear arms in public, to detain and arrest.
I hope he survives the virus, and I hope those he infected, if any, do also.
And then I hope he is dismissed from the NT Police.

Now it’s five
And has anyone suggested that the New South Wales health minister Brad Hazzard should be charged with criminal negligence for allowing those 2700 passengers to disembark without being tested for the virus?

Record NT debt: Gunner mum on collateral
There’s another serious problem with Gunner’s program for the coming year, and that has to do with the price of oil.
Saudi Arabia and Russia have just started an oil price war, and the perhaps intended consequence of that will be to shut the US shale gas out of international markets.
Lower than a certain price, and fracked gas is simply not economically viable. Bankruptcies are expected.
So probably good news for the anti-fracking lobby – profit and loss economics may make that whole problem go away.
This Gunner dude is looking more and more like someone who simply doesn’t keep up.

Record NT debt: Gunner mum on collateral
Compulsory acquisition with what? We already have a debt requiring one million dollars a day in interest.
And tourism is tanking all around the world.
It’s Corona time.
And this bloke wants to build another art gallery?
Deadset, if only he had an orange comb-over, I could love him like I love the Golden Golem of Greatness himself.

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