Paul, your details and well written words maybe correct but …

Comment on Namatjira family: Getting listeners ‘through our art’ by Ken McGregor.

Paul, your details and well written words maybe correct but ethically the whole drama with the public trustees and the Brackenregs is nothing short of a sad injustice.
This is another terrible case where once again Aboriginal people have been unfairly treated and discriminated against.
The Brackenregs continue to reap huge royalties from the copyright of Albert Namatjira’s images. All the major auction houses have to pay dearly to reproduce any of his work in their catalogs. And the Brackenregs won’t allow any reproduction of images in any educational books unless they are also paid a huge sum.
This whole disgusting saga leaves a bad stain on Australia’s image in a time when reconciliation and racism is in the media every day.

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor