The issue that no politicians or would be politicians are …

Comment on Plan for auxiliaries to replace cops at bottlos by Scarlett Grant.

The issue that no politicians or would be politicians are addressing is the responsible service of alcohol. Is this due to donations afforded?
It is concerning that the tax payers are funding compliance with the liquor act, when the publicans benefit. I would think the only publicans not to have been impacted by the police presence area those that acted in accordance with the law.
Why can’t the licences be altered so that appropriately trained people are required to be employed as part of a liquor licence application and granting process paid by the publican which is then independently reviewed as to suitability to retain a liquor licence?

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Street kids at risk can be detained at police station
The community of Alice Springs have become the victims due to poor public policy. Some of the youth that are on the streets are there as it is better than what they call home.
I would guess some may reside in alternate accommodation. The removal of the early intervention services has sown its seeds and the rewards of property damage assault and anti social behaviour are evident.
The parents and government departments responsible for the care and protection of children have failed the young people and our community.
The talk fest continues, benefits still pay out and another generation is lost having been stolen by the inability or want to parent.

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