The Chief Minister must step down. This brutality happened on …

Comment on Dylan Voller’s mistreatment started in Alice Springs by Dalton Dupuy.

The Chief Minister must step down. This brutality happened on his watch and his government covered it up. Mick Gooda, Social Justice Commissioner, has asked the Federal government to intervene and dismiss the NT government.
The torture and abuse of Australian children as witnessed on Four Corners last night was horrific.
I welcome the Royal Commission as called by the Prime Minister even though the report on these practices was told to the NT government two years ago. And this year the government passed legislation authorising the use of the restraint chair.
Show some courage Adam, step down.

Recent Comments by Dalton Dupuy

Royal commission should be at arm’s length from NTG
If the Royal Commission goes ahead it must be independent. The commission into deaths in custody has changed almost nothing so I am not hopeful about this one.
Yet, how is even remotely possible to include the perpetrator in any of this proposed commission except to be investigated?
Having the Giles government involved is like me asking a fox to help look after the hen house. Independent investigation is not negotiable.

Street kids refuge: Now you see it, now you don’t.
So the CLP partisans on council want the Territory government to partner them in looking after young people like they have been doing in the detention centres shown on Four Corners.
Come on Jacinta, do you really want to side with the fossilised thinkers in council?
The Giles government are guilty and they know it, guilty of child abuse and guilty of a cover up.
If we are going to be fair dinkum, rehab needs to be fully funded for all those charged, and provided by someone who knows how to be a decent human being.

Fracking regulations, Take 2? No, it’s a wrap.
Is it not interesting that Dr Hunter lives in Scotland where they have banned fracking?
And we all know that fracking gas three strikes against it –
• It uses 20 million litres of water for every fracking event and each bore hole is fracked 6-10 times.
• The proposed 50,000 bores for the Territory go through our water supplies and 6% of bores fail regardless of how well regulated or constructed; and then
• The gas produced is used in numerous ways to pollute the air we breathe.
So the only people who really defend the unconventional hydraulic fracturing must have some other motivation to support it, I wonder what it is?

Snowdon keeps Lingiari despite a drop in his vote
It seems to me that the real winner was the community and their voting choices. The growth of the minor parties and to some extent the growth of informal votes are measures of community displeasure for the status quo.
The losers of course were the Prime Minister who has egg on his face and a fairly poor performance review and the mainstream media.
The media were either bullied into ignoring community candidates or were self serving and shall remain nameless. We all know who they are.
The CLP drove a very large expensive bus over a cliff in the Territory and the ALP got over the line with smaller party preferences.
The unmentionables, Greens, 1Territory, Shooters … and others earned over 25% of primary votes.
They demonstrated that money cannot buy everything and that genuine community engagement, good listening and honesty matters to the voters.
Thank you to the community for your participation in our democracy.

Sex aids and fracking: Up the wrong tree
Erwin, this is a longish response and for that I hope it works. To Dave and others …
In kinder days, our predecessors would have sat around a fire talking, sharing, representing points of view. People knew when others were lying, telling the truth, being misled or just plain unclear.
The overwhelming bias of our age is the well funded, vested interests who buy politicians, who buy voluminous space in the media and who use the courts to further their interests. There is no scientific methodology here; there is no balanced view. It is about greed and selfishness. And the product is apathy and indifference in the community.
Asking ones neighbours how they feel about fracking is not scientific. It is about talking, sharing and finding out how we feel about things. And I say so be it.
Well financed vested interests use a basic technique from Sun Yat Sen’s The Art of War: It is called divide and conquer. And that is what gas companies (among other corporate bullies) and their political lackeys do and have done.
When people talk to each other and share, they become more clear and often united. And the people in Eastside and over 300 communities have been doing that and I applaud them.

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