Like all Territorians, 1 Territory is shocked by the ABC …

Comment on Dylan Voller’s mistreatment started in Alice Springs by Sue Fraser-Adams.

Like all Territorians, 1 Territory is shocked by the ABC Four Corners program on the treatment of youth detainees in the former Don Dale Centre.
Prime Minister Turnbull is to be congratulated on his swift response by calling a Royal Commission into this disgraceful situation.
Brutal treatment of already damaged and behaviorally dysfunctional youth cannot be, by any standard, the way to reform and turn them back into good and productive citizens.
The Minister, John Elferink and the whole Giles Government, must stand condemned by their obvious approval of these cruel tactics and inhumane physical environment.
The Labor Opposition does not have clean hands in this regard either as children were being treated this way under their watch as well, as far back as 2010.
The Opposition stands condemned as well as they supported the restraint legislation earlier this year.
Minister Elferink must resign immediately.
1 Territory calls for the Royal Commission to be totally independent of the NT Government and not be a joint exercise so that the truth is revealed and responsibility for this regime be properly accounted for and individuals, if necessary, are brought before a court of law. If any citizen treated their own children in this way, the state would step in and remove those children and lay charges.
The fact that the NT Government was responsible for this is just numbing in the extreme. The whole youth justice system is clearly broken as evidenced by the comments of the youth judge and the experienced legal practitioners in the Four Corners program.
Practitioners working in the system and victims have been aware and frustrated for a long time of the deficiencies now public.
A 1 Territory government would start, again using world’s best practice to deal with intractable, damaged and lost youth to turn them back into productive citizens and repay their victims for their crimes.
Finally, 1 Territory is convinced that this is not the only area the current government has been compromised. We believe this and the previous government are complicit in continued abuse of power and privilege in the Northern Territory Corrections Department.
1 Territory will set up an Independent Commission Against Corruption if elected in August.

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor