In the light of the Four Corners ABC program aired …

Comment on Street kids refuge: Now you see it, now you don’t. by Graham Tjilpi Buckley.

In the light of the Four Corners ABC program aired on Monday night, which focused on the incarceration of youth in an NT detention centre, the current “debate” on youth issues in Alice by councilors of the Alice Springs Town Council seems a tad bizarre.
The matters raised on the program have brought immediate universal condemnation by the Australian public and Federal Government that is directed squarely at the NT Government.
I have no doubt that the councilors who have initiated the debate at council level are well meaning in their endeavours.
However, as the ABC program has clearly illustrated,issues relating to youth behaviour / detention in the NT requires an approach that has much professional planning behind it and is properly resourced.
Prime Minister Turnbull is to be congratulated on his announcement, within hours after the airing of the chilling program, that a Royal Commission will be established.

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