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Street kids refuge: Now you see it, now you don’t.
Did those good friends of Steve’s, the child abusers and their supporters in the CLP, warn him of the impending four corners story?
Is that why he and his CLP mates on council started back pedalling from their original proposal?
Steve, Jacinta etc, do you support child abuse?
Do you accept that your friends in Darwin didn’t read the reports over the past few years including the one they commisioned themselves?
Do you think it strange that your colleagues changed the law to allow the use of restraints after their use had been reported?
Are you able to make a statement about your views on the atrocious behaviour that has been perpetrated on our communities children?
Steve, I’ve seen you standing up smiling behind your Chief Minister. Do you back up his ideals e.g. when he said he’d be happy to break every UN convention if he was Minister for Corrections? That’s what he is now?
Do you think that the man who allowed such injustices to happen while he was in charge of corrections (Elferink) is appropriate to be Minister for Justice?
Do you think that the man who allowed such terrible things to happen to children who were supposedly under his care (Elferink again) is an appropriate person to be the Minister for Children and Families?
What do you think of a government that allows these things to happen? Do you support it? Do you want to be part of it?

Street kids refuge: Now you see it, now you don’t.
Steve, if the kids on the street are Indigenous they are being criminalised.
Kids I know innocently walking home at a reasonable hour have been put in paddy wagons and been threatened with Don Dale. They have been driven home and the threat repeated to their law abiding parents who are both employed.
Regardless of their behaviour they are targeted. This behaviour by police breeds resentment and anger. Eventually people are pushed too far.

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Council: Gallery at Anzac precinct, no to curfew
There is no consent. The traditional owners have spoken clearly and with one voice: “South of The Gap.”

Kadaitchaman makes trouble in juvenile detention
Maybe equity is a better word to use than equality. Some people have different needs.
If you are deaf and in court it is fair and just that you get to have an interpreter to sign for you so you know what’s going on.
Is that equality? I mean the deaf person is getting special treatment.

Salt mine: Alice needs to grasp a major opportunity
It makes good economic sense to fully use existing infrastructure.
The trainline seems a good way to shift the workers down there – cheaper, safer and less pollution etc.
Why not use what we have already? It could also be a great service for the Titjikala community.
If we must have a mine there then there should also be plans put in place for the maximum opportunities for the Titjikala mob.

Grandson and grandmother come before the Royal Commission
“Where are the parents?”, always an interesting question when you put it in an historical context.
How many of our good old pioneering families recognise their not completely white offspring. You know the children of those women and young girls used by these fellas. Who owns the stations and businesses started by these guys on country stolen from the children’s Aboriginal family. And often built with cheap or slave labour. The white kids or their black brothers and sisters?
Our present situation is built on our past history and as much as we want to hide it, it’s still there and it’s not pretty. With all the talk about domestic violence today we need to remember that this place was settled by white people with a huge amount of violence. The effects of which are still impacting today. That violence and mistreatment was accepted as the norm and ok to a great extent, and I think that many in the community still think it’s ok.

‘We are Australian’ new anthem?
January 26th is the anniversary of the rum rebellion. Let’s celebrate that, get pissed and stage a coup.

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