Labor draws first spot on ballot paper in Chief Minister’s seat

p2348 voting paper draw 1




Chief Minister Adam Giles is third on the Braitling ballot paper in a field of seven candidates and his likely main opponent, Labor’s Dale Wakefield, is in number one position.


Phil Walcott, the most experienced Independent candidate in that seat, drew last when positions were balloted in Alice Springs after the close of nominations at noon today.


The other placings are Eli Melky (Independent) 2, Dalton Dupuy (Greens) 4, Alfred Gould (Independent) 5 and Jane Clark (Independent) 6.


Labor’s Adam Findlay drew the top slot in Araluen, followed by sitting Member, Independent Robyn Lambley and Steve Brown (CLP).


Andi Bracey (1Territory) will top the Stuart ballot paper, followed by Scott McConnell (ALP), the sitting Member Bess Price (CLP) with Maurie Ryan (Independent) last.


Vince Forrester (Greens) heads the Namatjira ballot paper, followed by Heidi Williams (CLP), Alan Keeling (Independent) and Chansey Paech (ALP) last.


Elliott McAdam (Independent and a former ALP Member of Parliament) tops the Barkly ballot paper, followed by Tony Jack (CLP), Jack Green (Independent) and sitting Member Gerry McCarthy (ALP).


PHOTO: Candidates and supporters at the draw in Alice Springs this afternoon.



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