People have been removing many of Heidi Williams Country Liberals …

Comment on Braitling preferences ‘not a get Giles exercise’ by Vicki McDonald.

People have been removing many of Heidi Williams Country Liberals signage south of The Gap and some have even been witnessed taking Heidi Williams core flutes down at Santa Teresa.
Now that is just not playing fair!

Recent Comments by Vicki McDonald

Govt. should finance private housing: CLP candidate
I think it is an excellent plan Steve Brown.
As a young couple we purchased our first home from the Housing Commission over 30 years ago through a similar plan.
We stayed committed to Alice Springs and ran a business for 30 years and reared our family here, because the opportunity was there. Good Luck to you.

Council to take charge of street kids at night
Raring people’s children is not a role of the Council. However roaming lost and wayward children are not ideal for the community or their own safety.
Council, Congress and NT Government already have combined to provide a “Night Youth Patrol” returning children to their homes as your article states. What if their home is out of town? Where are the useless irresponsible parents? As Jacinta says, beware not to reinvent the wheel.
An overnight dormitory style refuge could provide sustenance and a bed at the “Youth Hub” at Anzac Oval or at the Youth Centre and use their services to facilitate this.
Everyone is always after Government funding, I say take some contributions towards the costs from the parent’s Centrelink and let them pay.
But, how long before the “refuge” becomes a permanent home with breakfast and buses to school, after school care all requiring more funding and Government bodies growing up other peoples kids?
Hints of the next Stolen Generation, all for their own good.

Widow cities and rural bliss: a diverse electorate
What a great response from Heidi to Lou Hayes. Very informative.
I am really pleased to see Heidi running for the seat of Namatjira which now encompasses the Rural Area of Alice Springs. She will be a dynamic and articulate representative of all of the people of Namatjira, unlike the race aligned and petulant previous Independent Member for Namatjira. Go Heidi!!

Getting loaded
Some good news for the cattle industry – and Central Australia is not being ignored.

Someone is going to die at this crossing, say councillors
Heavitree Gap crossing: We have watched this monstrosity under construction for what feels like an interminable 10 months or so.
I did hear the cost was $600K – $800K from federal funds. It is surprising to hear that Warren Snowdon (Federal Member) was unaware of it. Perhaps he takes very little notice or cares what happens south of the Gap.
It is indeed an accident waiting to happen. There is now so much congestion on that intersection since the islands, signage and now this ramp have all been squashed into this now narrow section of highway.
We hold our breath as we drive through this road daily in case pedestrians or those loitering or socialising on the ramp so close to the road decide to spontaneously step out into the traffic only inches away.
Even the large transports cannot fit through. The posts have had to be made removable to accommodate wide loads. Where to from here? More money to be spent no doubt.
[ED – The Alice Springs News Online has reported the cost as $300,000, quoting a source from the Federal Black Spots program.]

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