Also playing dirty tricks out at mobile polling booths I …

Comment on Braitling preferences ‘not a get Giles exercise’ by Rosemary Wiese.

Also playing dirty tricks out at mobile polling booths I hear.
Ignoring 100 metre exclusion zone, bullying, swearing and generally behaving very badly. That goes for the present encumbant and the Greens’ hopeful.
Why would we ever be surprised with both of their histories? Some of us have been here many decades and whilst aging a little, still have excellent memories of past skulduggeries over that time.

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Multi million dollar Alice Redtails plans advance
Yet another good reason to see that the Giles Government is re-elected.
After eleven years of neglect by the previous Labor regime, people need their memories jogged – especially those who have only been in town for the last few years.
We were pretty well wiped off the economic map during 2001 to 2012 when the Darwin-centric Labor mob were “running” the Territory … owe woe and shame, shame shame, running it into the ground more like!

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