Lyndon Frearson has been very generous in answering technical questions …

Comment on Alice solar future needs facts and figures by Robbie Henderson.

Lyndon Frearson has been very generous in answering technical questions put to him by the RePower Alice Springs group, while also maintaining an apolitical position and being extremely professional (as is called for in his line of work).
Any reasonable person could accept this, and that he is a very busy person, who has a variety of work commitments that he needs to fulfil before having time to spend many hours researching and answering questions posed by the Alice Springs News.
Heaven forbid he may even have a family life! RePower Alice Springs is comprised entirely of citizens who give up their time voluntarily to put renewable energy back on the agenda.
As one of RePower’s volunteers (not a spokesperson), I’m pleased a focus is on calling upon the NT Government to develop a well researched, transparent and inclusive strategy on our energy future – one that includes solar, and establishes targets in line with community values and aspirations.
RePower has already made an impact, and with community support it will continue to grow achieve greater results in the future!
Ps: Congratulations to Alice Springs News Online for an excellent photo! I think that’s California in the background, but could this be Central Australia with solar thermal in the future?

Recent Comments by Robbie Henderson

Green future for Alice: how much wishful thinking?
I found Steve Brown’s negative comments on the visionary Roadmap to a Desert Smart Town to be just a little bit humorous and to be honest they probably go a fair way in provoking more support for a sensible and participatory approach to planning than do it damage.
You have to love it when someone’s comments are so profoundly ridiculous and small minded that they surely just provoke the opposite reaction and thoughts to what the writer intended.
Perhaps Steve should be thanked by the community – unwittingly he persuades readers to consider the sensible alternatives to his conspiracy theories and wild assertions, and in the process lowering any credibility that he still has.
So rest easy, Jimmy and the broad, and diverse group of people who came together to put this highly important document together (on a shoestring budget) – I’m sure most readers can’t be judged by Steve’s intellectual capacity and would come to their own conclusions.
It should be noted that a quick review of the previous roadmap and its predecessor ’70 Actions’ shows that around 40 of the aspiration targets have seen considerable progress.
This includes some big ticket items such as having a Solar City Program (who would of dreamed of that?), having a holistic water efficiency program (another pie in the sky realised?) and having an NT climate change policy – this was actually delivered by the previous Government – what the?
The observation that aspects of the current plan are repeated in other sources is also very significant – e.g. government planning documents.
The reality is that aspirations for desertsmart development driven by the community in past plans have been adopted as realistic and sensible solutions in mainstream government policy and plans.

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