It looks like a conga line of shopping trolleys….. …

Comment on Boardwalk now a permanent blight on the landscape by Julie.

it looks like a conga line of shopping trolleys…..

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Friendly town with great opportunities gets 58 new Aussies
Please Mr Mooney, no more Aussi, Aussi, Aussi, oi, oi, oi.
It’s dated and embarrassing.

Electricity prices coming down: Tollner
Ah yes … and now the Oscar speech. “I’d like to thank umm rr umm God, um um um Rupert, err err The Institute of er er umm Public Affairs, Clive, Gina, Andrew Bolt and err err err um Alan Jones”

Can you get mining royalties plus the dole?
For 4 weeks solid prior to last weekend, there have been two big mobs of card players on the hospital lawns from lunch time to evening every day, leaving a massive mess of litter every morning for others to clean up.
Could your article be the answer as to how people can afford to gamble day after day?

Report of a near fatal, in the first person
Glad to read that you are on the mend Erwin.
This will be a happy Christmas for you indeed, you were so lucky.
Thank you for your story, I could see it all in my mind’s eye, as I accompanied my son from the from AS hospital to RAH grace of the RFDS following his motor bike accident.
What you wrote about RAH was our experience too, and the level of expertise was fabulous, however tired the building seemed.
Let’s hope that there are no radical cuts to health funding. I remember that a nurse on my son’s ward tried four blood pressure pumps (or what ever they are called) before she found one that worked.
Some equipment was past its use by date, caring and kindness however were not.

Best wishes to you and Kieren and the family.

Pandora’s Promise: go nuke or not?
Good comment and questions Hal.
While politicians ignore the science regarding global warming and climate change and continue on making the same decisions – the future looks rather bleak.
Hard choices have to be made now regarding our power sources.
Meanwhile Europe is flooding …

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