It’s my long held belief that the presence of sacred …

Comment on Boardwalk now a permanent blight on the landscape by Mike Gillam.

It’s my long held belief that the presence of sacred sites in the urban environment of Alice Springs saves our town from appalling mediocrity. Clearly our community’s gain comes at huge personal cost to those Arrernte people trying to defend their special places from very ordinary decisions, rammed through by temporary governments. Occasionally, the benefits of a different approach are revealed, an approach that requires particularly strong, mature and imaginative leadership on all sides. It’s a bit like planets lining up and I’m sure it’s advantageous if politicians choose not to be involved in such a process.
When social and cultural conditions are favourable, this destructive push-pull may cease for a time. Winning the argument seems less important than achieving an outcome that hurts no-one, an outcome that the whole community can be proud of. One example is the Sadadeen connector road that curves through the coolabah swamp known as Ankerre Ankerre. The road alignment was largely influenced by Arrernte custodians and their duty of care to minimise tree loss and damage. The road acquired some curves and more bitumen was needed. Those people, custodians, engineers and public servants did us proud and created a superior scenic drive in the process. This expensive and unnecessary cycle path is not such a project, it’s simply not worth the gain. Meanwhile, the management of crown land including the Todd River is abysmally underfunded and we’re still waiting for a real bridge at Taffy Pick. Yes, I do realise that $825,000 (and counting) might be a little short for a bridge given the reported $4M being spent on the Lovegrove/Larapinta Drive roundabout but it doesn’t change my view of the waste. How many giant red gums, hundreds of years old will be lost to grass fires this summer and the next, short-changed by our government’s lack of commitment to land management?

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Mparntwe custodians: Lhere Artepe does not speak for us
Agree completely with Arunta Man, Perrule and Alex Hope.

Wakefield ready for fight: affirms intention to acquire oval
Spot on Charlie Carter and Alex Nelson.
The election will see a huge protest vote against the NT Governments arrogance in choosing the Anzac location against the wishes of custodians.
Sure, the government will be working overtime behind the scenes so they can parade Aboriginal supporters to sanctify their disgraceful and incompetent conduct.
They are no better than the pirates of industry when it comes to divide and rule tactics.
What a clueless, weak bunch. Watch Dale Wakefield’s vote plunge.

Wakefield ready for fight: affirms intention to acquire oval
Spot on Charlie Carter and Alex Nelson.

A touch of light: at home among the corkwoods
My apologies for lumbering the previous Burke Country Liberals with events in 2004 when the Martin Labor Government was actually in power!
Thanks to Alex Nelson who emailed me with this news, graciously delivered with a wry observation that our major parties are almost indistinguishable when they’re in power.
And who knows, given the chance the Burke Government might have acted differently to Martin’s Labor.

Waive rates for a quarter says Cr Marli Banks
I agree with M Dean. A sensible first step.

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