When my son was about ten months old, I spied …

Comment on CLP secretly signing Territory away, say Greens by Lindsay Ross.

When my son was about ten months old, I spied him one day down the end of the hall, quietly and cheerily pulling tissues out of a box one at a time. I stood there, watching for a few moments. Eventually he turned his head and saw that he had been spotted. A wry smile came across my face and he giggled knowing he had been caught. At this moment he went back to the box and furiously pulled as many tissues out as he possibly could, laughing his head off.
It is this story I am reminded of when I see behaviour like this from a dying political entity. The public are wise to this government and are ready to put an end to proceedings, as is their responsibility. So what does the CLP do? Behave like infants grabbing as many goodies as they can before they get put into time out!
The public, like parents, will be left to clean up the mess.

Recent Comments by Lindsay Ross

Plans to turn Memo Club into Aboriginal ‘health hub’
What happened to the Bowling Club further down on Gap Road? It was in a rough state when I was last there in 09.

Trees on Melanka block no longer sacred?
Post Truth is not quite accurate in the description of current trends. That is only a construction of the extreme right wing.
Rather, I would describe modern discourse as Post-Journalism.
The truth is widely known, but those with the power to convey it either cannot or will not do so. For varying reasons. This is the very antithesis of journalism.
And while I may disagree with Alice Springs News Online on certain issues, fortunately it is not something they engage in.

More doubts on Gunner’s fracking policies
G’Day Matthew and Erwin,
Could you tell us more about DFK and why we should be placing so much faith in their claims of ‘selling out’ by the Labor Government?
Given the ASN has regurgitated their press releases it would seem appropriate to inform us a little bit more about them.

White guilt flopped but Okine’s braggadocio worked
At the risk of being politically incorrect, I fully endorse marriage equality.
All people should be able to have their loving relationships recognised under marriage law. Not just some.
Sorry if that rocks the boat a little.
Nice discussing these issues with you. Matt Okine was piss funny.

White guilt flopped but Okine’s braggadocio worked
G’day Russell Guy, be happy to mate. Right wing political correctness includes, but is not limited to:
• Disavowing any criticism of the military or military practices. Excessive and flagrant Anzackery
• Censorship of journalists who wish to bring human rights abuses to light.
• Threat of conviction and imprisonment for whistleblowers.
• Claiming ownership of the concept of ‘marriage’
• Using sneering terms like ‘warmist’ to describe scientist engaged in the study of climate change.
• Framing of issues in black and white terms “with us or against us”.
• Vague terms like collateral damage to describe the murder of innocent civilians in undeclared war zones.
This is just a small snapshot of the approved, politically correct mindset the right wing has. The major difference is they have the power and corporate money behind them to enforce this.
Once again the ABC was pushing this right wing agenda last night with Chris Uhlmann, chief political reporter, placing the blame for the power outage in SA on renewable energy.
Even when power companies themselves were refuting this.
Hope this helps. Cheers.

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