No. The Greens candidate’s claim is true. OK, there is …

Comment on CLP secretly signing Territory away, say Greens by David Pollock.

No. The Greens candidate’s claim is true. OK, there is more to it with complex legal terms. Details are outlined elsewhere such as in The Australian (for example).
A “mineral authority” is an ­obscure, rarely used form of title that gives the minister broad powers to waive conditions and bypass opportunities for public comment.
On 5 August the NT Government Gazette revealed the land would become “general reserve” land.
When an area is deemed “general reserve” a company can lodge an application on “first come first served” basis for a mineral authority – as Tri-Star did for this land ON THE DAY the gazette was released, thereby PREVENTING other companies from applying!
The CLP Minister for Mines and Energy, David Tollner, met with TriStar during a taxpayer-funded trip to Texas last year.

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