To all who have been viewing this issue. It highlights …

Comment on When an elder is an elder by Michael Liddle.

To all who have been viewing this issue. It highlights the sad state that the town of Alice Springs has become.
I have stated an issue about the term Elder (no, I am not one) and the meaning of being one in an Aboriginal deep memory world and the distorted use that someone uses it.
It wasn’t liked, and I am sorry but there are some of us who live in the real world and that means that the earth is round.
I have the luxury of talking, feeling, listening to my elders, and those that know me and work with me know the elders that I am speaking about, the term is quite a distinguished title one which incorporates knowledge and wisdom that has been passed down and they are truly concerned about the issues around cultural maintenance.
These senior men teach me about governance … true urrepele governance that wraps itself around the land to manage and look after country through songs, paintings, objects and skin names that have the tedious tasks of owning and managing country.
It costs me and how I pay is through getting bush meat, chopping wood making boomerangs, collecting spinifex resin to make wax and a whole lot of hard work in order so I can get information about country!
If people read the original post I mentioned nothing about atwa-kenhe.
Those people who did, then I am not responsible for the way they responded.
Yes I am an Alywarre man and I do have Arrente ties and live in Alice Springs.
It’s okay to do this, the world will not stop, I commented as “no comment” in a post and was agreed by “Yours Truly” which highlights me.
Let’s play the man and not the ball, a common behaviour in the forums around Aboriginal issues in Alice Springs. A prominent deceased senior elder arrente lawman stated once “Alice Springs the town that grew up dancing” but the town doesn’t dance no more and can’t because of all the broken glass!
There is a problem, we have stated the concern, now let’s move together to fix it.

Michael Liddle Also Commented

When an elder is an elder
What a bunch of losers. How are the young men supposed to learn when this [expletive deleted – ED] is being written and viewed by all, everyone of you should be bloody shame of yourselves for writing the garbage that has nothing to do with the contents of the story. It’s no wonder that the Arrente governance is up [expletive deleted – ED] creek when this behaviour is openly spoken about like it is a game, and the poor women who have to view this [expletive deleted – ED] and are waiting for the men of this country to pull their fingers out in order to make change, and the oldest is the silliest!

When an elder is an elder
Big puffy cloud, but no rain. Just wind!

When an elder is an elder
@ Willy: Great to hear that the world through your eyes is still sharp and alert.
I’ve been out bush working at Alparra assisting my mob in improving the delivery of basic municipal services, something that’s not happening at all out in this area.
Anyway, my knowledge of the cultural environment, the whole five minutes of it, comes in so handy.
It is important to engage and communicate the correct story … arretye angke, irrepele rnem nt gov ilkwa-rnem pweyt-irreyel nga akultye apek?
When you FIFO again (because you’ve been living elsewhere for 30 years) we should catch up for a coffee and you can ask me about my five minutes of knowledge of being black.
Not sure whether I can share all of the five minutes because of reasons that you are aware of – but my shout, friend.

Recent Comments by Michael Liddle

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Let me guess … were they Warlpiri?

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Please councils put it all in Robyn’s account!

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Residents in the municipal area of Alice Springs can’t vote in the Tangentyere Council elections. There is much debate about the direction around town camps and the forward planning on both social and economic benefits that’s to be had about the contribution that they bring to Alice Springs.
A conversation needs to be had between both elected councilors ASAP and it needs to be said that Tangentyere Council sits with in the guidelines of the ASTC. Maybe Mayor Ryan and his councilors need to start walking around on the camps introducing themselves as a start and it includes the Aboriginal elected councilor.

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The purpose of this camp at Loves Creek is a realistic and very well thought through solution to the problems that Alice and Tennant are enduring right at this time.
As with any new direction that creates change the project was going to have its teething problems but logic thinking and compromise between the parties has to happen.
The boot camp must remain and improvements to security, lighting, training of staff, increased programmes for the client etc must be a priority in order to address the issues that are causing all sorts of unwanted troubles.
Powers from all parties need to put their differences aside and sit back down and finish what they have started to create long term change to an already sad environment.

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