Hi Erwin, Thanks for the opportunity to comment on this. I’ve …

Comment on Stop the light show, says petition to Gunner by Stephen Schwer.

Hi Erwin,
Thanks for the opportunity to comment on this. I’ve spoken with a few of the organisations involved, and they are currently looking into this issue. A few assumptions have been made in the petition that need investigation. So I’ll wait and see what the outcome of that is.
Warm regards, Stephen.
[Tourism Central Australia – ED]

Recent Comments by Stephen Schwer

Territory bombs out in key Asian tourist markets
It’s great to see sustainable growth out of Asia into the Northern Territory.
Traditionally it has been European markets that have formed the basis of international visitation to the Red Centre, however there are other markets coming into the mix such as some Asian markets.
The traditional European markets will continue to be the mainstay of international visitation to the Red Centre for the foreseeable future, however once airlines open routes to Darwin from Asian ports, this will of course grow our Asian based visitation significantly.

Council snubbed by Tourism Central Australia
Thanks for taking an interest in this.

Our Chairperson Dale McIver is on holiday and so I am happy to provide some information for you. As Mayor Ryan and Mr Mooney are quoted as saying in the article, we continue our working relationship and are moving on. Alice Springs Town Council is a valued partner of Tourism Central Australia, and through programs such as council’s Tourism and Events Promotions Committee we work closely together. As you demonstrate with the home page screen capture from www.discovercentralaustralia.com in the opening section of your article, our website promotes events including council’s. I’m sure there will be many more projects we work together on into the future, just as there have been many we have worked together on in the past.

To clarify the board structure, there is an ex-officio position on the Tourism Central Australia board for an Alice Springs Town Council representative. This is in our constitution that was adopted by members last year. The same goes for Tourism Northern Territory and the Parks and Wildlife Commission. Whilst the elected board members vote on board decisions, all board members including ex-officios can fully participate in board discussions.

CEO, Tourism Central Australia

Caravan park row: Goose and gander?
Thanks to all of the wonderful people who understand that just because one low cost facility is currently closed, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of others that people can go to.
Alice Springs and the Red Centre have plenty of low cost camping stops, including pet friendly ones.
All you need to do is get in touch with the team at the Alice Springs Visitor Information Centre (www.discovercentralaustralia.com or 1800 645 199) to find out more.

RV travellers urged to boycott Alice
I have read all of this with interest.
I would like to correct some incorrect information in this article. The second line of the seventh paragraph states “This will be managed by Tourism Central Australia which will charge similar rates to the commercial parks”.
As the CEO of Tourism Central Australia, I can confirm that we do not make bookings on the behalf of Blatherskite Park, nor do we set their prices. A quick phone call to me would have cleared this up.
Blatherskite Park is currently uncompliant, however steps are being taken to make the park compliant. Once this is the case, it will hopefully reopen.
Until then, please avoid hysteria.
[ED – The information was one of several paragraphs quoting Brendan Heenan, owner or part-owner of the MacDonnell Range Caravan Park, and a prominent commentator on these matters. In an email on May 3 (eight days ago) we drew Mr Schwer’s attention to Mr Heenan’s statement he quotes above. Mr Schwer had provided an update to the report earlier that day, which we published (see above). Nevertheless, we are happy to publish Mr Schwer’s clarification.]

One-woman activism to get more visitors to Alice
Thanks to Ms Keegan for her letter – I read it with great interest.
It sounds like Ms Keegan is a passionate advocate for Alice Springs and the Red Centre, which is fantastic. Her help is definitely welcome at the Alice Springs Visitor Information Centre, where our wonderful volunteer ambassadors help our staff promote the region. We would love to have her come and join our volunteer team!
Ms Keegan may also be interested in our social media feeds, that promote the Red Centre to tens of thousands of people every year (Visit Central Australia on Facebook, @visitcentralaus on Twitter and Instagram). Our revamped website will be released in a few days’ time and the thousands of people who view it every year will be able to find even more information about our region when it is released (www.discovercentralaustralia.com).
Recently we have been promoting Alice Springs and the region at the Caravan and Camping Shows in Melbourne and Adelaide, and we are about to exhibit at the caravan and camping shows in Sydney and Brisbane. The response has been very positive and we look forward to seeing the interest in the region continue.
Ms Keegan may be interested to know that visitation to Alice Springs has been growing in the last 12 months. In fact, Alice Springs receives over 400,000 domestic overnight visitors per annum. This doesn’t mean we can be complacent – as Ms Keegan points out there is always more to be done to attract more visitors to the area.
Once again thanks to Ms Keegan for her letter, and I hope she comes and volunteers at the Visitor Information Centre in Todd Mall to continue to spread the word about how great Alice Springs is to visit! Of course, we always welcome locals to come and see what we do at the centre, as well as volunteer to help the many tourists who visit each year.
Warm regards,
Stephen Schwer
CEO, Tourism Central Australia

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