We thank you good Alice Springs folk for your thoughtful …

Comment on Peace President Obama dispatcher of drones killing innocents by Margaret Pestorius.

We thank you good Alice Springs folk for your thoughtful history.
I come for the third time in 10 years to protest the wars and warmaking and to lament.
Pine Gap is most certainly targetted for nuclear strike in the case of war.
It’s a dangerous imposition on the striking landscape.
I’m sorry that the US families are segregated but they are most certainly well renumerated for their roles in killing members of other families the world around.
War is devastating and wasteful. The corporations profit.
We have a duty to turn the tide on militarism and #closepinegap . I hope you’ll join us.

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Defence industry to Alice: get a slice of the action
Denis is right. People working at Pine Gap are implicated in drone assassinations in Afghanistan which have increased immensely in numbers in the last two years according to the Bureau of Investigation.
These constitute major human rights violations: the extra judicial killing by Trump’s army of many, many civilians. Pine Gap plays a role in the chain of command. Everyone who supports operations there, supports the killing.

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