Lambley calls for action on palliative care hospice

p2351 Robyn Lambley OKLETTER TO THE EDITOR


Sir – The new Labor Government should move quickly in honouring their commitment to build a palliative care hospice, rather than a “multi-purpose facility” as is currently being built at the Alice Springs hospital.
In Opposition the Labor Shadow Minister for Health, Lynne Walker, committed Labor to providing a specialist palliative care unit if elected to government.


Under the former CLP Government plans have been put in place to build a multi-purpose facility that includes palliative care beds but is not the centre of excellence and specialisation as intended.
As the former NT Minister for Health in 2014, I organised the transfer of Health and Hospital Funds (HHF) from the Gove District Hospital, to build a new palliative care hospice in Alice Springs.


The intention was always to have a facility equivalent to that at the Royal Darwin Hospital. It was also intended that all Northern Territory Government palliative care services be co-located at this new palliative Care facility at the Alice Springs hospital.


Robyn Lambley MLA (pictured)

Independent Member for Araluen



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  1. Hal Duell
    Posted September 16, 2016 at 9:39 am

    As well as providing a palliative care hospice, the ALP wants to reintroduce a system whereby patients so wishing can access death with dignity.

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  2. Mick
    Posted September 15, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    I recently spent some time visiting the Darwin Hospice. It is relaxed and comfortable and really provides the best environment you could ask in the circumstances.
    Something like this for Alice would be wonderful, as opposed to a few random beds in a general ward, as it currently works.

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