Vale Michelle, what a power. Irreplaceable. …

Comment on Michele Castagna, 1944 – 2016 by Peter Tait.

Vale Michelle, what a power. Irreplaceable.

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Trouble in Alice – why is government failing?
@1 @3 @4, Erin, personal responsibility is constrained by the social system we live in.
Rather than expect people to make extraordinary determined exercise of will, government’s responsibility is to make the good-for-everyone choices the easy choices.
Within these we can exercise our responsibility.
June, it is we the people who have the power to hold our elected representatives to account by becoming organised politically.
And Mark is correct; but does this income really balance and offset against the costs we are all bearing to support the profits of the alcohol industry?

What the Bomb would do to you
The geopolitical situation has changed since the original “What happens to Alice” with the USA and China facing off in the west Pacific but the fundamentals are the same.
It is a US military base (even if a joint one), part of signals intelligence and command / control systems, part of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and would be involved in any conflict with China.
So the question of how its role makes it a potential target for nuclear or other types of weapons is a valid one for residents in Alice.
Just because nothings happened so far is not indication of the future. We should know our risk status.

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