Saw this exhibition in Perth recently – it certainly made …

Comment on Pine Gap: wake-up call for Alice Springs by Jo Vallentine.

Saw this exhibition in Perth recently – it certainly made me think about issues of accountability and what our government is doing
To support another government’s efforts in war… but without our intentional consent.
We seem to just let these things happen, but in fact, not in my name!
With all the “accidents” which have been happening with drones lately, I feel such shame that our country is contributing, apart from having our airforce in situ, by facilitating communications through Pine Gap.

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Strange encounters: the Peace Pilgrim and the Police Sergeant
Wonderful to read the court transcript, especially between Ken and Margaret … evidence of respect, and a degree of trust, and the absolute dignity and conviction with which the peace pilgrims acted. Brilliant.
Good on you Margaret, for so cleverly establishing the personal links, going back to the arrest of Bryan and the others in Pine Gap Four.
Thanks to all of you for your strong and spirited witness for peace, and for summing it up so clearly as wanting to shine a light on the denial in the Australian populace about the role of Pine Gap, and the dreadful consequences of war. A lot of dead people, not to mention severe repercussions for the environment, too.
Good on you all. Hope this doesn’t result in prison time!
Blessings, towards justice and peace.

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