It is great what Ms Chee says. As a teacher …

Comment on Little kids have the key to our future by Liz Senior.

It is great what Ms Chee says. As a teacher I know that the early years of a child’s life are the most important for life development.
But sadly her own organisation is not a good example of how to run early childhood programs.
My hat goes off to the early childhood nurses and preschool readiness program that gives parents and carers great support in maintaing children’s health.
But the Congress Childcare Centre is a disgrace. The leadership is lacking the knowledge and managment skills to provide a quality experience as Ms Chee has described. Especially when these kids come from such impoverished homes.
The staffing is always barely minimal and staff are very poorly trained.
Congress should be an example of how to do things well for children.
And it starts with ensuring that the leadership of the Congress Childcare Centre is up to the task.

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