Starlady for PM! …

Comment on Alanya making ‘dreams come true and bigger’ by Tara.

Starlady for PM!

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Hostel for kids, healing a split town: candidate’s vision
Best of luck Donna. I’ll have a slice of Lemon thanks.

Environmentalist stands for Mayor, Councillor
A true and proven community leader. Good on you, Jimmy.

Supreme Court – the inside story
In my lifetime, I’d like to see this building re-purposed as an educational, cultural or community development center. A place for learning, discovery and multicultural recognition.

They must be joking!
Watership Down, anyone?

Indigenous art gallery centrepiece of Gunner’s plans for Alice
I suggest that the shortlisted designs are presented as scale models for the community to see and respond too before a final decision is made.
3D models that show how the building and other elements will sit within the chosen site and relate to the immediate environment.
This was how it used to be done so that anyone could see the proposed development at the local shopping center before giving their feedback.
Computer generated images such as “artist’s impressions” can be distorted and are not accessible to everyone.
If a 3D scale model had been presented for the new supreme court building, the community could have responded to the design before it was actually built. It’s too late now.
I also agree with Steve Thorne’s comment.

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