Quote: “We had asked how many students had obtained certificates …

Comment on Batchelor Institute students get 149 certificates by David.

Quote: “We had asked how many students had obtained certificates in the past five years, how many students had obtained full-time work (a year or more); in what fields; and we requested a split-up into private enterprise, government and NGO employment.” Unquote.
My guess – zero, zero and zero.

Recent Comments by David

Horses perish in abandoned Aboriginal outstation
I am yet to see this being reported across main stream media. I suppose they are afraid to upset a minority group.

More hide and seek with de Castella’s marathon funding
There’s a gravy train and Robert de Castella has jumped on board.

Call to eat local beef, camel penises for China
Indonesia and Malaysia and the Middle East are screaming out for dressed camel meat (and milk).
Of course it would have to be Muslim killed (Halal).
Instead the government lets contracts to shoot the wild camels and leave their carcasses to rot in the scrub.

Ayers Rock Resort struggles to get local staff
It’s a pity the Alice Springs News Online doesn’t have a “Like” button. If it did I would have gone crazy “liking” the comment from Geo1 from October 28. He’s right. The Rock should be promoted for what it is i.e. 600 million years old. The other stuff comes later.

Trouble in CBD: Ranger or ambassador?
Salary on-costs are usually around the 30% mark. I am in the wrong business. I would love to hire my men out at rates like they’re talking about with the ranger job.

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