These security restrictions appear to be like Swiss Cheese. Made …

Comment on Red faces for Federal police bringing peace activists to court by Ross Chippendale.

These security restrictions appear to be like Swiss Cheese. Made up of holes.
Is it possible that the missing person on the photo, listed as “Andy Paine” could actually be Andy Payne? The latter Andy went to school the same time as I in the Alice, 64 – 66. He had a twin brother, Simon and a sister, Carol.
Their father was a much loved teacher at ASH back then. Known to all as “Mr Payne”.

Recent Comments by Ross Chippendale

‘Social distancing’ is the wrong term
Does it really matter? Surely you can get the picture from the original terminology? Why confuse such a simple thing?

The task ahead is rebuilding
Dear me, ladies.

Is there any chance we could focus on what is happening now before we start promoting our own dreams and fantasies?

We still have very little idea of what might be happening and where it will lead, so please, leave the dreaming out until something is known. Without being too negative, can we at least use what we have got now to try and sort the current nightmare out? Leave these thoughts for sleep time huh?

80% of seniors want “return to legalised assisted dying”
John Bell seems obsessed with part of Ms Shearer’s letter. She wrote of a survey result on how seniors feel, not just about dying.
Perhaps he should widen his view?
Palliative care, wonderful but who really wants to be in such a condition that they need this care?
I DON’T, I’d rather exit while I was still physically and mentally capable of deciding.
It is my body, my life and only I should decide anything for me.
Absolutely seniors would welcome the option of assisted dying. Not all want to use it but they do want the choice.

Police want parents to stop youth crime
Good old days? Gulags? Really! So police want parents to step up and fix the problem.
Good idea but who is going to step up and control the parents?
Parents have little control these days. Let’s blame the previous generation, or the one before that? Just deal with today and get these kids off the street.

Cemeteries could be turned into parks
Oh, sure. Alice Springs is certainly somewhere lacking in space to expand. What sheer stupidity. Even if you did this, what kid will ever feel good playing on graves. Now I’ve heard it all.

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