Evelyne, the money paid by DCF/TF/Whoever they are this week …

Comment on Government silent on unsupervised street kids in its care by Tony Meman.

Evelyne, the money paid by DCF/TF/Whoever they are this week is paid to foster carers to be spent on the needs of the child so that the foster carer isn’t out of pocket for providing this vital service.
Unfortunately, not all foster carers are created equal, but for the most part they are people with big hearts who want to see the kids in their care do their very best and get what they deserve – not just what society deems suitable for them.

Recent Comments by Tony Meman

Independents move to form Opposition
If Woods running it they could call it “The Council of Territory Co-operation”.

Fuel for $75m powerstation: When was public told?
I remember years ago when they opened the new power station. I did a tour of the place and was told that it was running on gas.

Bashings, break-ins, robberies, car thefts: teen girls guilty
But then DCF get foster carers who care for a child for six out of their eight years, who move interstate and then request assistance with Challenging behaviours only to be told to just send the child back, rather then dealing with the issue to try and fix it – or at least provide support to the child in crisis.
The whole system in the NT is broken and until there is a Royal Commission into it, nothing will change.
Until then, no one wants to change things as it’s “beyond their payrate” or “they don’t want to be racist …”
Whats racist is allowing Aboriginal children who are in need of help and support to miss out.

A new ‘Made in Prison’ row?
Those businesses who are giving their business to the prison are the type of businesses which we should be encouraging in Central Australia.
Industries at the jail permit people who otherwise would never know a day’s work to participate in the work force and to experience what is termed a good life – or at least the commencement of a good life.
Why shouldn’t those who are imprisoned have the opportunity to change their lives for the better? After all, one day they will get released (except for the very few who are never to be released) and they will need to function in society.
Rather then the usual crying businesses in Alice Springs who want to keep the pot to themselves, get involved with this initiative and make money out of it.
Those who purchase goods from the jail still pay the market rate. To say that it is slave labor or otherwise is just an insult to those inmates who are working and also to the jail and those who work in the centre.
@ Local: It sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder. Maybe if your business practices were more refined then these companies would purchase goods from your business rather then the jail.
The businesses who purchase goods from the jail should be supported from the community – they are making a stand to change Alice Springs into the city that it (and its inhabitants) deserve.

Parole procedures changed as murderer is arrested
Clearly he hasn’t learnt his lesson. The sentence for murder is LIFE. The sentencing judge can and in Kamm’s case did set a minimum non parole period. Kamm completed his NPP, and then had to meet the Parole Board’s requirements to be released.
This does not mean that he is rehabilitated. He has not “done his time” as his time is Life. Parole for life.

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