I am not sure this article has accurately explained the …

Comment on Government silent on unsupervised street kids in its care by Anon.

I am not sure this article has accurately explained the levels and the payments received. Most children that come through a foster carer’s door are rated at a level one and stay that way for the duration of their time in that placement.
A foster carer receives $39 dollars a night on respite emergency care for a child 0-5. If you do not already have supplies or a child that same age at your house you will need to go buy nappies, formula, bottles, clothes – potentially for just a 12 hour period. More than a $100 can easily be spent just for the basics. And $39 is $6 more than what it was not long ago.
For a child to be a Level 4 they are at the most extreme / high care needs – e.g. wheelchair, respiratory problems, peg feed, brain injuries and other such disabilities. Many Level 4 children require more care than one carer or a couple can provide in a normal home environment. Most Level 4s are in residential units.
A Level 3 child may have trouble toileting, FASD, ADHD, blindness, hearing impairments, violent and destructive behaviours, failure to thrive, sexualised behaviours. Those are only a few examples. Many of the Level 3s have more than one of these and basically must have more than one of the aforementioned to become a Level 3.
Level 2 can be lower versions of all of the above mentioned. Again they must have more than one issue to be a Level 2.
Level 1 – don’t be thinking that if a foster child is a level 1 they don’t have the above issues … plus the trauma, neglect and behaviours that you get when they first arrive plus the behaviours that surface when they feel like they can be themselves because they may have attached or finally feel some level of safety in their environment.
Imagine now that there are not enough foster carers to care for all the children so you have overloaded foster carers – four is the maximum but at least a couple times a year you can have more than four.
Now if you have, let’s say, three to four children of Level 2 or above. Can you continue to work full time? With the sleepless nights, with sick babies, anxious toddlers / children with post traumatic stress, runaway teenagers.
The phone ringing a couple times a week if not a day from childcare / preschool / school about destructive / violent / troubled behaviours.
The many appointments that a child needs when they enter care and over the time of their placement – dentists, eye tests, counselling and the long list goes on and on.
Many of these appointments are the same as children not in care, however if you get a new child or a sick one you can find yourself repeating this list multiple times a year.
The money covers the children’s needs. However, in some cases the levels are not high enough and it doesn’t cover everything.
Not all foster carers are made equal. However, I would hope most are doing it for the right reasons. I feel this article has generalised the foster carers without knowing what needs the children have which then effects the level.

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor