Council president arrested for aggravated assault

p2235-Adrian-DixonBy ERWIN CHLANDA


The announcement by the Central Desert Regional Council of its Family Wellbeing Strategy coincides with the standing aside of its president, Adrian Dixon (pictured) as the police investigate allegations of domestic violence against him.


Council CEO Cathryn Hutton said this action was “necessary to ensure that the personal circumstances of Mr Dixon did not distract from the good work being done by the council”. She would give no further details.


p2359-central-desert-council-1Cr Dixon is quoted in a flyer (pictured) that family wellbeing is “everyone’s responsibility” and that the council “aims to help prevent and reduce family and community violence”.


Ms Hutton says in the flyer that the council is committed to communities that are “safe for residents and visitors and to develop “dispute resolution services that enable and empower residents to solve problems without conflict”.


She says Deputy President Norbert Patrick will assume the role of Acting President and in a release quotes him as saying that “the decisive action demonstrates that the Council takes a zero tolerance to family and domestic violence, however, it is important for natural justice to take its course”.


UPDATE October 18


Mr Dixon was arrested at Amoonguna on the afternoon of Saturday, October 8 for aggravated assault,  according to the Alice Springs police.


He was remanded and appeared in the Alice Springs Local Court on Monday, October 10 and was bailed to re-appear in November for a directions hearing.



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