So impressed by these dedicated souls who continue to battle …

Comment on Volunteers are beating buffel by Pip Mcmanus.

So impressed by these dedicated souls who continue to battle the buffel menace – their efforts are really noticeable around Spencer Hill and Ankerre Ankerre.
Such a clear example of small positive steps in the face of a seemingly overwhelming invasion.

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Five Peace Pilgrims guilty on all counts
Thank you Kieran for such succinct and sustained reporting throughout the Pine Gap Peace Pilgrims trial. Having spent just one hour watching proceedings I now grasp the depth of professional commitment required to sit through many days of often tedious legal argument, and to be able to quickly distill the essence of the case, day by day. We are indeed fortunate to have such an accomplished journalist in our midst.

Australia’s top furniture designer in 2017: Alice’s Elliat Rich
Congrats Elliat! Looks amazing. What an ambassador for the creative wealth of Alice.

Experience Aboriginal culture in the heart of the CBD
Ayenge akangkeme akgnerre areme nhenhe akaltye! (I am very happy to see this learning!)

Bogged meters off highway and AANT doesn’t lift a finger
Big Bertha’s idea of a holiday to remember Erwin. Thank goodness for the True Blue with tats and stubbies.
Safe travels and Merry Christmas to you and Kieran, and not forgetting Bertha – wouldn’t want to get her off side.

Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality
I applaud Jacinta Price, along with Professor Marcia Langton and Josephine Cashman, for their unambiguous stance against violence in Aboriginal communities.
Brutality directed towards women and children is a pervasive issue across this nation and across class and cultures.
This is not just an issue affecting Aboriginal people, but the prevalence and consequences affect Indigenous people disproportionately.
During the 1950s and 1960s my mother, a single woman, divorcee and practicing Catholic, living in a big house in a posh suburb, struggled to raise three young children on her own with very little help from her well to do social milieu or from her church.
But when her best friend was bashed by her huge bully of a husband, my mother was the only one with courage enough to take him to task, to call him out publicly for his violence.
Not a murmur was heard from any of the men within their family or social circle.
When silence and blame shifting is the reflex response to witnessing violence it can only feed the embedded normalisation of violence within any culture.
And to those men who feel so offended by the subject of male brutality against women and children, stop the self righteous counterarguments and start being part of the solution.

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