Great to see this story and for the volunteers to …

Comment on Volunteers are beating buffel by Robert Read.

Great to see this story and for the volunteers to get some acknowledgment of their effort. Spencer Valley is now a credit to all who have spent time controlling buffel.
To be fair to Parks, I believe that they are doing some work to stop buffel invading sensitive areas.
The cost of manually fighting buffel on a broad scale is huge.
Research into technology for buffel control is urgently needed.
A first step would be a drone that can quickly map clumps of buffel to save the time consuming search for it on foot.
This should not be difficult with existing technology.

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Federal Police uses drone to spy on tourists
Visitors to Kyunba have been asked for names and ID for a long time. My understanding was that it was security, not AFP.
The use of a drone is a new but probably inevitable extension.

Four weeks to comment on fracking chaos
To understand the map above it needs to be overlaid on a geological map.
The red “no go” areas are largely crystalline rocks, that is they have absolutely no potential for fracking.
A simple example is the white strip between Napperby and Laramba (Ngalia Basin).
South of Alice fracking appears to be permitted east of the Stuart Highway, that is up to the boundary of the Roe Creek Borefield (current Alice supply), and clearly including the future Rocky Hill Borefield (future Alice supply).

Desert Song’s fire burns bright
Morris has put together a wonderful festival.
I missed the gorge, but got to the Saturday night at Araluen.
Outstanding performance, where else could you experience anything like it?
Congratulations to Morris for his amazing effort.

Realistic Re-Power Alice plan for 100% solar
I would be very doubtful of the potential of pumped hydro in Alice.
Some simple arithmetic shows that to store 1 kW hr needs 430 cubic meters times m head.
There would be sites with 200 m head on the MacDonnell Range, but the environmental and sacred sites issues might be insurmountable.
There is a far simpler way to increase the proportion of solar power.
Pumping water from Roe Creek accounts for a significant part of Alice Springs’s electricity use. This has always been done at night to use off-peak power.
With enough surplus solar energy water could be pumped in the daytime instead, reducing the need for night time power.

Rocky Hill vineyard threat to our drinking water
In response to the two Davids.
These problems take some time to become evident, and then are very expensive to fix.
How much monitoring do you think has been done under the irrigated area?
The limitations of the Roe Creek borefield are that the large fractures, which have made it such a wonderful aquifer to date, close up with depth. Nothing to do with filtration.
The cost of developing Rocky Hill is huge, but the time is not all that distant when there will not be a choice.

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