Gosh Janet. Are you incapable of just saying job well …

Comment on Volunteers are beating buffel by Leigh Childs.

Gosh Janet. Are you incapable of just saying job well done? Read the other responses, you might learn something.

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A touch of light: Aquila audax
Another gem from master Mike’s pen. Thank you.
Your mention of being too close to take a shot reminds me of being in a national park and seeing two keen photographers with huge telescopic equipment.
I tippy-toed away from them and shyly hid my Ipad … my only camera. We met up again under a bush shelter and who should come hoping out from the undergrowth and bounce past our feet … a lovely little potoroo. Guess who got the only image?

A touch of light: caper white butterflies
Another gasp, another Gillam masterpiece. Another happy half hour reading and savouring Mike’s words. Thank you so much.

A touch of light: native passionfruit
It is not often that I gasp at an image but that is just what I did for ‘A touch of light’. What a sublime shot, congratulations. Thank you for another lovely article. I look forward to the next one.

A touch of light: totemic caterpillars – ewepe
Thank you, again Mike. I would have enjoyed seeing more images to go with your lovely words. Many cheers.

A touch of light: Painted fire-tail finches
Wonderful, wonderful. Thank you Mike for a lovely excursion to your birding paradise. As they say in the classics … love your work.

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