Maybe Central Land Council, Yeperenye Shopping Centre and Centrecorp should …

Comment on Old Melanka site for sale – again by Russell Bray.

Maybe Central Land Council, Yeperenye Shopping Centre and Centrecorp should get a loan through Aboriginal Benefits Account to build on Aboriginal land.
They could let Lhere Artepe Enterprise run the show like they did with the three IGA Enterprise shops that went down hill even with the so called help of these businessmen on the board when it went bust.
Sorry, forgot Lhere Artepe’s doors have been closed for months for five directors – three from Untulye and two from Ilpme, were given TRESSPASS NOTICES not to enter premises, so how can you run a organisation without a full board?
I see they are still running meetings and voting people on the Central Land Council Excecutive Board without the full board and CLC are allowing it. This is ILLEGAL.

Recent Comments by Russell Bray

Mparntwe custodians: Lhere Artepe does not speak for us
We Aboriginals respect our dead (sorry business). All I see with you people and the two ministers it’s all about money. Let’s build at the Desert Knowledge. The cultural centre and art gallery together.

Council says ‘no’ to government gallery offer
Lhere Artepe closed for the last six months not because of the virus.
The CEO was on holidays in Darwin.
There has not been a meeting by all estate groups for him to be granted leave.
Dale Wakefield, you are doing what the CLC have done all these years – listening to people who do not belong to our Arunta Country making trouble.
For instance Graham Smith and his family are Yawatta people from Utopia.
Their grandmother Tilly Tilmouth and her brother Roy Tilmouth (the father of Bruce Tilmouth) born and bred Yawatta.
Last year we had a meeting 60 of us men in the room at Anzac Hill with some of your people and Benedict Steven chaired the meeting.
The decision for the art gallery was 60 against, nil for.
So, we would like you and Graham Smith to organise a meeting, rather sooner than later, for Graham to explain who he is and where he originates from.
There seems to be one estate group, Maparntwe, with Robert’s family making all the decisions.

Gunner’s native title deal not what it seems to be
The parcel of lands portion numbers 8118, 8869 and 4051 are in the swamp area.
According to the NT Government rules the developer would have to build a metre high footing to build. A lot of carting of sand and gravel.

Gunner’s native title deal not what it seems to be
Marisa, where have you been all these years? I thought you the Stuarts related to Nancy Campbell.
If so you are family for Robert Campbell that’s why he is making all the Campbell family members.
This is not according to the rules.
Another bad point on your part, Mort Conway passed away thirty years ago or more.
Fabian Conway and his family are the true Culture Traditional Owners.

Gunner’s native title deal not what it seems to be
I had a meeting with Fabian Conway last Friday.
We discussed that Lhere Artepe figures Robert Campbell, Shane Lindner and Grahame Smith and others are not Mparntwe people.
Saturday I spoke with Fabian again and he informed me that they will have a trespass notice put on me to stay away from my family including Fabian.
He described these tactics as frightening. Fabian informed them that we were family and will talk to me anytime.
These people cannot even organise meetings, such as AGMs for all estate groups.
Meetings have not been called legally since Campbell took over as CEO.
Last year an Ilpma meeting was called by word of mouth.
There were no minutes, no finance reports, no roll call for members.
Present were three Mparntwe members, including Alan Campbell who had no legal right to be there but is part of Robert Campbell’s family.
I rang Robert Campbell twice on Saturday – no answer.
They seem to be using frightening tactics with the poor uneducated.
Fabian named all Arunta sacred sites in the five locations referred to on Mr Gunner’s map.
I am wondering if these Kindergarten boys can?

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