As for anything else, it is easier, faster, cheapest to …

Comment on Old Melanka site for sale – again by Maya.

As for anything else, it is easier, faster, cheapest to demolish than to build. Two screaming examples: The Old Drive-In and Melanka Lodge. Thank you CLP.

Recent Comments by Maya

Slash and burn at CDU: Alice loses out
Where are the days of Technical Colleges?
There was a very successful one in Alice Springs.
And one day it became a University with Darwin headquarters, two campuses, professors and degrees.
The 1500kms distance between Darwin and Alice and the very low population of the Territory (with Bachelor College in between), does not help the development of skilled professionals in the NT.
Today Alice is left with very limited choices.
Another show of the decadent town we are becoming.
I may suggest to keep CDU for Darwin and recover a good Technical College for Alice.

High season caravan occupancy rate: Zero.
I did not read the whole article.
More of the same winging about zero income in this tourist season.
Yes we know, and after the bush fires too. We have it hard.
But we are better off without COVID-19 as we have been able to do so far in the NT, than to have a real wave (not even 2nd wave) just for the income that a few tourists or locals may bring with open borders and open restaurants or caravan parks.
And I assume that these 1/2 million tourists are not waiting at the border to flood the NT and spend their money “as usual”.
These times are not usual.
Tourists are better staying home a bit longer, for the sake and health of the whole nation.

Solar lights may go
Once more, a case of “my left hand does not know what my right hand is doing”, and we, rate payers, pay the cost.
The poles with their solar panels are indeed an ugly feature in the main commercial and heritage street of our town.
They may shed some shade in the summer months, or we may get used to them as we get used to any novelty. Possibly.
Solar panels are recommended to reduce coal or gas usage for our local power consumption, but couldn’t we place them out of sight and try to beautify the CBD with more greenery?

Wakefield ready for fight: affirms intention to acquire oval
I simply and strongly support the sensible remarks of Desert Rat on May 9: Desert (Wildlife?) Park land availability, infrastructure in place, the range as a back drop.
The NAAG may revive the already beautiful but slow going park and add art next to it. Magnificent. When tourism starts again in a couple of years post Covid-19, there will be something to come to.

Oval for gallery back on table – as bone of contention
In my view Dale and Lauren have chosen the wrong moment to put the issue of the oval – as their “still preferred site” for the “iconic” gallery – back on the ping-pong table.
Virtual meeting, no public attendance, no evidence of backing from the TOs. Why now, while we are still in lockdown mood?

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