Good morning, my niece. Reading your story the people on …

Comment on Housing mess as community fights land council over lease by Russell Bray.

Good morning, my niece.
Reading your story the people on Northern Arunta Land Burt Plain are having the same problems for the last five years since Les and I were asked to find out why and where the government money is gone.
We have documents from Department of Local Government and Community Services which comes under Ingerreke and not doing the work on housing.
On these documents are other service providers for other communities all over the Territory – same problem.
I was up at Kalkarintji and you were there when I tried to question Adam Giles and was stopped by the two CEOs of the land councils.
As we saw the whole of the Aboriginal people are suffering and complaining for the so called providers for house repairs and maintenance are not doing their work.
I ask again WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING. Documents dated back to 2012.
On these documents Harry Creek West and Harry Creek South are not listed but Ingerreke was spending big money to upgrade the power system. Nepotism?
And there are some places they claim and people do not live there anymore.
# 1: Provide a strong voice.
# 2: Get back country.
# 3: Manage Land.
# 4: Protecting Aboriginal Culture.
# 5: Assisting Economic Projects.
# 6: Promoting Community Development.
# 7: Fighting for legal recognition of Aboriginal Legal Rights.
# 8: Help resolving land disputes, so why did we yesterday get trespass notices and called squatters by people who do not belong to this land.
Central Land Council held another illegal executive meeting on October 19 NO.EX2016.07 to have us removed and we were not invited to defend ourselves.
Illegal! Why you ask – because Michael Liddle does not live on Yawutta Country.
He lives in Alice and Ngala Kunoth Monks, nominated by three people on Mbantua and not the nine directors of LHERE ARTEPE for the others from Untulye and Ilpme have trespass notices on their heads not to enter their own office.
You directors have got to put things to paper and not sit back and let other people do your work. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED.

Russell Bray Also Commented

Housing mess as community fights land council over lease
To the woman or bloke ANGKENTYE AKURNE ANTHURRRE who knew the story of my grandfather Billy Bray and my great-grandmother Nellie Ararka: We would like you to come and stand up in front of Bob Gosford when we organise a meeting and I will pick you up on the day.
M.K. and Leoni Palmer will be with us. Your remarks were made when I and Michael Liddle were having words. Would love to meet you. PLEASE RING ME 0419 633283.

Recent Comments by Russell Bray

We were tricked into signing letter: Native title holders
@ Factually: You back all other people up for support ’cause you do not have a genealogy to prove where your family is from.

Unstable CLC: Maurie Ryan stood down again
Lhere Artepe, Untulye, Mubantye and Ilpma. As an Arunta man and an owner of the land I would like to know about the moneys that were lost. Maybe this is why we are being blocked because we would open things up, just like Maurie Ryan wants to.

Unstable CLC: Maurie Ryan stood down again
In March David Ross’ contract expired. His use-by date is up and when that happens, get the hell out.
This bloke thinks he owns the CLC.
All Maurie Ryan is trying to do is advertise the position and get new blood in, and open up what belongs to the Arunta people.
David, no one wants you. Go. I forgot one more thing. Should any of you Aboriginal people get in trouble and need a lawyer, see David Ross, they used David Avery in court for Michael Liddle against Maurie, so do not go to CAALAS.
We have sat at meetings and watched Vincent Forrester and Michael Liddle disrupt and call Maurie names.
These lawyers should not be on anyone’s side, yet they are backing David Ross who should be spending his money on lawyers outside of CLC. Maurie has to spend his own money for anything he does.

We were tricked into signing letter: Native title holders
To Ilpma member: The Lhere Artepe so called chairman does not know where he comes from. He has got no say in this country. Go claim where his father’s from, Katherine. On all our family trees are Sheila Conway and Benedict Stevens. 180 years. I wonder if you could bring your tree to a meeting at Lhere Artepe and see who is right. The only people that are at fault and putting people in the wrong places are Central Land Council.
Virginia Ross, the closest your family comes to Alice is Hermannsburg, belonging to the Mokerterinja family.
I am a ex defacto of you and when you were given land for us to live and build near Hermannsburg you did not want anything to do with it – too far out of town. You should go back to Barrow Creek area where you belong. You do not know my family’s line or stories, Mt Riddock is part of our line but we are not like you people who come and claim where they do not belong. We would ask people first, not just take over.

Native title owners don’t want nuke dump, have brawl over land
Noel, you do not know what you are saying and what was said. Benedict Stevens and Mathew Palmer said they were tricked by you and Jackie Baxter who is not a member and using Lhere Artepe office equipment into signing the letter.
They told us they did not read it for you departed so quickly. By the way, young Noel, you should be following your daddy back to Katherine. We have four family trees which go back to 180 years we know where we come from.

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