Just give the people there work to do, they want …

Comment on Housing mess as community fights land council over lease by Steve Dean.

Just give the people there work to do, they want to, so just do it.

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Housing mess as community fights land council over lease
Its a sad day when you have to be paid to clean up your own back yard. Apparently you need to be paid to have pride.

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Most money for mining, military
Declining population and no big government projects on the horizon means not private investment. Why would they flog a dead horse?

Now that the Rock can’t be climbed, visiting it will cost more
Wow, the prices are really jacked up.
We don’t want you to climb, but we still want lots of money so up all the other prices.
I understand the reason why not to climb but it’s just plain and simple greed upping the prices so much.
I picture people sitting around saying we need to stop the climb but we don’t want to lose money, here is a win win, close it and up the prices.

Government grant for Todd Tavern, Alice Plaza development
Just build the art gallery on the Target carpark. It’s a pretty big space and build them a big underground car park. Sorted. Hurry up now. Jeez, not hard at all.

‘Cop will be labelled for the rest of his life as a blackfeller killer’
I think a lot of these comments are uninformed and racist. A total ignorance towards events that have occurred. Let’s wait till we know more before labelling things.
It’s all hate towards the police, until an emergency then we all want the police.
They have a hard job and should be respected as such.
Bad apples will always be found in every job but the majority will always be good, and I’m not saying this person was by any means a bad apple because I just like most people don’t know the facts.

Thieves target master keys, steal from motel rooms
Another blow to tourist when visiting our little town.
I feel like I rarely hear good stories from tourists and their experiences, sad because they are the backbone of our town’s future development. Someone needs to protect the people of Alice, their visitors and the town’s reputation.
It sounds easy, anyone wanting to be voted in next election just promise to do something about this and you will get a flood of votes. The only problem for the people is these elected ones keeping their promises.
We need a hard nut who isn’t willing to compromise and speaks the truth and is fair.

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