Werte Mabel, You are so quick to criticise Amoonguna Community and …

Comment on Housing mess as community fights land council over lease by Marie Elena Ellis.

Werte Mabel,
You are so quick to criticise Amoonguna Community and the people within. What have these mob done to you, for you to be so bitter with hate?
Trash talking about my cousins as they are the script writers and directors.
Here are other two comments that you made about Amoonguna.
Story Title: Everyday realities dosed with humour and hope: TV series
Posted October 24, 2016 at 3:34 pm
What about the rock throwing? That’s an aboriginal problem too.
Posted October 25, 2016 at 6:06 pm
Penance, hello, ring ring, wake up and smell the roses. Every Aboriginal community has problems with rock throwing.
The director touches everything else regarding problems and Aboriginal life on a community, he comes from one. Give me an example where it doesn’t happen. Also explain why this shouldn’t have been in the script.

Marie Elena Ellis Also Commented

Housing mess as community fights land council over lease
MacDonnell Regional Council also has a mini store at the Amoonguna MacDonnell Shire Office. This store has food items that are priced too high – double or triple the price of supermarkets in Alice Springs.
Before the take over in 2008, the store was run by the ACI and was opened all day until 4:30pm and also on the weekend on Saturdays.
Now, it closes it’s door whenever it feels like. The prices were indeed affordable for the community people to afford.
Amoonguna Community is situated 20 minutes’ drive from the town of Alice Springs.
MacDonnell Regional Council … or whatever they call themselves nowadays, have a lot to answer for their actions and yet, Central Land Council issued them lease on Amoonguna Land Trust to treat the people, the community residents with insults.

Housing mess as community fights land council over lease
Central Land Council have been manipulating and dividing my families in order to conquer their own greed for power and lust for money.
Promising my families wealth to purchase vehicles of their dreams.
We have the right as Apmereke Artweye to take our own lease over our land under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1976.
We had applied for the Lease over Amoonguna Community since 2003/2004 and later in 2013, as we were told that our application is still sitting on their desk.
We are moving towards self determination, self government of the community which we will be capable of looking after.
This we have proven for 13 years before the inception of the Shires. The community people deserve a fair go when it comes to jobs.
Seven years of neglect to the housing our company, ICL, have fixed in seven months, the plumbing, electrical, air conditioners and replaced old stoves in the 57 houses.
We were even denied the use of the community dump to dispose of the old stoves.
MacDonnell Shire at Amoonguna are denying ICL and any person who has contact with them are not allowed to use any facility on the community, because apparently it belongs to them.

Housing mess as community fights land council over lease
Mabel, please enlighten us in who is destroying Amoonguna and is out of control?

Recent Comments by Marie Elena Ellis

Second region to turn its back on local government
Urapuntja Aboriginal Corporation (UAC) I fully support you. We stand firmly on your (Apmere) ground to fight for what belongs to you.
Self determination and community control was promised at Wave Hill Freedom Day meeting. I was there when the Minister promised this.
Dedication, determinations, devotion and direction is all our people need to support each other.

Everyday realities dosed with humour and hope: TV series
In response to Mabel
Posted October 25, 2016 at 6:06 pm.
Mabel, I am a resident of Amoonguna Community and I am proud that my community people was involved in acting on Our Place which was written by Warren H Williams and Micah Bartlett.
The community came together to take part in their roles and played it amazingly.
All of the actors on Our Place had fun acting and was proud of their own achievements.
So, Why are you so quick to pass judgement on Aboriginal kids for throwing rocks?
I totally agree with Paul Parker
Posted October 25, 2016 at 9:50 am
Re: Mabel Posted October 24, 2016 at 3:34 pm
Rock throwing is mostly a widespread cranky person issue, not an Aboriginal issue.
Mabel, maybe you should inhale and exhale before assuming everything you think you know.

Festival in Light ignores local advice, talent
Interesting article, especially our grandfather Harold Pengarte Ross (Rest In Peace Tartart) from Antulye being mentioned and the YouTube film clip being viewed, of my grandfather singing the songs of the Dog and Hunter.
Yet so called Apmereke Artweye know nothing.
Some so called senior custodians know nothing of Arrernte law and stories. They did not know the Light Festival was going to happen. I think not.
That person knew it was going to happen, and debated their right as the dog’s dreaming they are from. They even wrote to people saying THEY ARE THE DOGs … wow, who let the dogs out?
Woof, woof, woof. SHAME JOB.
What can we say, Apurenge 🙂

Town camp review to have broad scope
Werte Alice News Online Readers, since the inception of the Regional Council and Local Authority the Amoonguna community has been neglected and now is nothing better than living in a third world condition.
In the years 1996 to 2007 this community was a benchmark community where everyone was happy to live in the well maintained and serviced housing paying a nominal rent.
In the first 10 weeks of the new company taking over, we have done more R and M than was executed in these eigh years prior.
We are currently fighting a losing battle to make good the power, hot water, stoves, and air conditioning without touching all the structural damages which were not addressed prior to our inception.
Can the Minister for Housing, Bess Price, please address the needs of this community?
Should the members of this community invite the Australian press to have a look at our living conditions, it would leave the Territory Government in disarray and searching for the answers of why the Amoonguna community was neglected for those last seven years.
Apmere Anwernhekenhe, Apmere Apurte-le Mwarre Atyinhetyeke.
(Working together to keep our community safe.)

Ryan dismissed but doubts its legitimacy
Kelly: Goodbye to a strong man who stood for what he beleived in justice for all Central Australian tribal nations.
Those very tribal people being lied to by the greedy men who have the power to minupulate own people for greed. Yes Kelly, be happy for now.

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