@ Jacinta. So Bess lost her seat because the voters …

Comment on Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality by Peter.

@ Jacinta. So Bess lost her seat because the voters were tricked, eh?
In 2013 Bess supported mandatory sentencing that sent Aboriginal prison rates through the roof.
At the time she said that jail is good for Aboriginal people.
Some Aboriginal people disagreed with her and voted against her.
A year later she cut the water supply off from Irrkelantye, an impoverished town camp but a safe space, in the midst of traditional country and surrounded by sacred sites.
The United Nations said this was outrageous – “an affront to human rights”.
Bess was unmoved.
Out on communities people complained bitterly they never saw Bess once she was elected.
They held the view that she came to power on the backs on Aboriginal people but then ignored them and sold out to Giles.
I have never heard of any smear campaign and one wasn’t needed to unseat her.
Bess ruined her own re election prospects.
Now you are singing from the same song sheet and complaining that a Labor troll is trying to silence an Aboriginal woman.
Much as you might wish that someone was trying to silence you, no one is.
But keep in mind that winning and keeping the Aboriginal vote is a lot harder than winning support from white fellas by speaking out about violence.

Peter Also Commented

Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality
@ Jacinta. With respect to Bess claiming that jail is good for Aborigional men you say that “Hers was a call for help. We have to do something about the lives our young people are leading to keep them alive and OUT OF JAIL”.
Unfortunately, Bess made those comments in support of mandatory sentencing while voting it into law. So speaking out to keep people out of jail doesn’t really fit with supporting mandatory sentencing that sent a lot more people to jail. Much more likely Giles was hell bent on a law and order policy and Bess followed along, did what she was told.
That was a test she failed and it cost her dearly.
You really shouldn’t defend cutting off the water to Whitegate and I doubt your claims to ties with the Hayes family will be appreciated by them.
Felicity and her extended family have lived at Whitegate for generations and there are stories there going back forever, trees, rocks and hills with mythological meaning.
Rod Moss has a long association with Whitegate and said at the time that “contrary to an assurance by government front bencher Bess Price, the government is determined to force the ‘Whitegate mob’ out and resettle them in Hidden Valley.
It is a town camp notorious for its violence and inhabited by people with whom the Hayes have a traditional animosity”.
You say that your mother was obliged by law to shut Whitegate down. So Giles put your mother in a cruel situation where she had to choose which side of the fence she stood on, with him and his destructive policies or with an impoverished group of Aboriginal people. What a heroine she would have been if she had said “no” and left her ministry.
Bess would still be in office today if she had refused to support mandatory sentencing and spat the dummy on cutting off water to Whitegate.
But she did what Giles told her to do and supported some of the most brutal policies that we have ever seen in the NT. Then she was voted into obscurity.
By defending these actions Jacinta you are starting down the same path and that’s why I’m somewhat rudely interrupting your fine words about Aboriginal domestic violence.

Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality
@ Jacinta. I’m a coward, a Labor troll and have an enormous chip on my shoulder.
You are speaking out about domestic violence which is fine and furthering your political interests at the same time.
It’s the latter I question.
That’s the same route to power your mother took before she was exposed and voted out of office.
You are claiming to represent your people and defending the record of your mother and yourself so let’s get away from generalisations.
Two questions need a response:-
Why did your mother state that jail is good for Aboriginal men?
Why did she she cut the water supply off from Irrkelantye?
I strongly disagreed with Bess regarding the benefits of imprisonment.
I joined the protest outside your mother’s office after she cut the water supply off and I believe that her action was shameful for anyone let alone an Aboriginal politician.
I stand by my opposition to the above and urge you to do the same.
I know this would take courage on your part but I believe it is essential.
Just a word on the claim that voters were tricked into voting against your mother and people on communities have told you as much.
That’s called reconciliation Jacinta, they voted against your mother but they want to keep the peace with you.
That’s the way it works in Aboriginal society, it’s a great strength.
They are giving you a chance to prove yourself.

Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality
@ Russell.
That comment is beneath you. A white person who expects Aboriginal politicians to improve the lot of Aboriginal people is also one of those who defends domestic abuse that Jacinta referred to?
Bess made the same speech as Jacinta and then became Giles’s yes man.
She did much in the name of loyalty that dismayed Aboriginal people.
She would not turn the water back on to the Aboriginal fringe camp.
My point is that all politicians have to prove themselves to Aboriginal people, and that takes more than speaking out.
Jacinta is no exception, but she does have the opportunity to learn from her mother’s mistakes.
But only if she is given some honest advice, not if she is blindly defended as you are doing.

Recent Comments by Peter

‘Sneaky’ Christmas present from Environment Minister
Well worth reading the Environmental Management Plan EP76 before commenting.
There would be no impact on the nearest groundwater users due to extraction from the CLA at Velkerri 76 S2 for exploration activities.
22 billion tonnes of CO2 released? Rubbish.
Gas is a lot cleaner than coal.
Bottom line is the NT is broke and there is no solution in sight from any party.
Gas extracted onshore pays a royalty to the NT Government and the Beetaloo Basin could generate a very large income that would benefit all of us.
Origin Energy is investing a very large sum of money here in the NT.
They are taking a big risk with shareholders’ money.
Thank you Origin Energy and Santos and Central Petroleum.
They are risking money to move the Territory forward.

When 20% royalties shrivel to as little as 1%
As a shareholder of Santos (STO) and Central Petroleum (CTP) I wish both companies had never set foot in the NT.
More than $100m spent with hardly any return in the Territory.
Many jobs created, employment of local Aboriginal people, royalties paid along with payoffs (remember CEO Cottee and the six Landcruisers).
Almost no return for company money. My money in part.
Constant harassment by green groups.
STO makes money in PNG as a JV partner in the PNG LNG project.
CTP has cost most investors dearly but they keep drilling and hoping.
A single well costs around $7m but can cost double that.
In my view the NT Government owes the companies as the previous CM recognised.

Aboriginal royalties: A golden deal?
The ABA holds over $1 billion in reserves for Indigenous people, many living in deep poverty.
Aboriginal owned Centrecorp is worth over $70m.
Aboriginal controlled Congress has a multimillion dollar “reserve” accumulated from its Government funding.
There sure is a lot of money allocated for Aboriginal people that is not getting to them.
And it isn’t whitefellas sitting on those riches.

Aboriginal royalties: A golden deal?
@ Jon Altman: Thanks for that information. About how much do the four land councils get for their administrative costs from royalties?

Aboriginal royalties: A golden deal?
James T Smerk: If you visit Yuendumu you may be surprised at the lack of apparent need.
Large spacious and up to date houses, some with just one person or a couple living in them.
Great communications, wifi internet, mobile etc.
Excellent services, health etc.
Large and modern adult education / training centre.
I’m not suggesting this opulence is common in Aboriginal communities.
A station, near Ti Tree and in fact most of the Barkly communities still suffer homelessness, poverty, the exploitation of paying high prices for food, poor medical services.
But not at Yuendumu.
So sad that the community that least needs royalties gets them in abundance.

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