Some years ago I had just arrived by plane in …

Comment on Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality by David.

Some years ago I had just arrived by plane in Alice Springs and was driving into town in my Landcruiser along Telegraph Terrace.
There were several other vehicles some ways behind me. Back then, on the left side of the road, there was all that thick salt bush all along the road’s edge.
As I neared the Fire Station, just further up past there, and probably less that a hundred meters ahead of me, I saw a thin young Aboriginal woman walk out of the salt bush and onto the road.
She stood on the white line in the middle of the road looking back towards the salt bush.
She had a baby in her arm, probably six months old, and held a toddler by the hand by her side.
I thought, why was she doing a crazy thing like that?
By then I was almost on them and slowed down to pass. That move by that young mother at that time, saved her life and that of her babe in arms and probably that of her toddler too.
Almost immediately I came alongside her and her babies, her partner came running out of the salt bush with a huge rock he could hardly carry, held high above his head.
He was about to smash it down on her, probably killing her and the baby and maybe the toddler too.
He just managed to stop and stumble backwards out the path of my vehicle, almost over balancing with the hug rock he held above him.
As I passed them, I glanced in the rear view mirror to see him run up and stand rigidly over her, his fists bunched, glaring down at her, eyes bulging. His look was pure murderous evil. He must have realised other vehicles were coming.
I drove straight to the police station and reported what I had just witnessed and stressed police needed to attend immediately. I think police said someone would be despatched ASAP.
To this day, I don’t know if police ever attended.
It was a desperate move by the young mother to do what she did that day that saved them.
I often wondered if that poor woman and her children are in fact still alive today.
That sort of violent behaviour is no way cultural.
So Jacinta, and other brave people, keep speaking up.

Recent Comments by David

Fracking duel at 50 paces
What does the Origin spokesperson mean “Our Native Title Holders”?
Does Origin mean the ones they have in their pocket – a divide and conquer style approach helped by the NLC?
And NLC determines the rightful native title owners for Origin’s permit areas? Looks and sounds like it.

Intervention still the main concern
For the first time we have an Aboriginal Minister for Aboriginal Affairs in Federal Parliament, Ken Wyatt.
Aboriginal Affairs needs to taken out of Prime Minister and Cabinet because the office of PM and C has essentially abandoned Aboriginal people.
A new structure was mentioned with the promotion of Ken Wyatt to the portfolio of Aboriginal Affairs.
What shape that may take, if at all, or what powers are vested in it, remains to be seen.
Usually after appointment a new minister for Aboriginal affairs gets around the country to meet people the minister is responsible for. That has as yet not occurred with the new minister.

St Francis House: Excellence sought and achieved
Hats off to all those great Aboriginal achievers and a great series of stories about them. Just to quote the story on the front page article of the Truth newspaper in this story Abos. Find Fairy Godfather.
That front page story in the Truth newspaper back then, goes on to state: “Half caste offenders grows week by week in the police courts of the Commonwealth, a silver haired Adelaide clergyman is quietly going ahead with an experiment that shines like a beacon in the story of Aboriginal welfare”.
And the proof is, it was a great success. Today we are seeing similar sorts of problems with youth that in most cases, are incarcerated in youth detention, be it the infamous Don Dale, or one of the overcrowded centres in the NT.
Some are sent to Youth Diversion, the best the government can do.
Why not do a better job of the diversion, send those away who show promise like the boys who became great men in these series of stories, to get a good education, become productive citizens to help advance Aboriginal people’s place in society and of everyone in general.
It is the governments of today that are failing youth and the whole of society, just turning out repeat offenders, not great men and women that they should become. The proof and evidence is there, we’ve read about it all.

After The Apology
Ann and Frank, yes, they are just words and actions speak louder than words and they have, in the opposite way, with the abandonment of Aboriginal people and an ever widening of the Gap.
The Uluru Statement was rejected with no apologies.
Aboriginal people have been made voiceless.
Aboriginal affairs has been centralised back in Canberra with people having no care, clue or understanding, its reinventing of the wheel stuff again while Aboriginal people sink lower into crime and other behaviours.

183 in a 110 zone: Cannonball Run re-enacted?
If NT police had a dedicated traffic unit patrolling the Stuart Highway from Darwin to Alice Springs and the Barkly Highway, more would be caught travelling at excessive speed.
Quite a few of those are NT Government vehicles like a Landcruiser Troop Carrier driven by a female driver clocked at 180kph on the Barkly Highway.
Those V8 Landcruiser troopies are just meant for cruising, apparently. Oh, what a feeling.

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