To coin a popular phrase at the moment, it might …

Comment on CLC members want forensic probe into their organisation by Michael Dean.

To coin a popular phrase at the moment, it might be time to drain the swamp at the CLC. It would seem some of its members know something is up.

Recent Comments by Michael Dean

Your CBD, their plans
Seems to be a pattern when it comes to this sort of thing
That end of the Mall is becoming one of the most redeveloped white elephants around.

Masters Games this October, not 2022: Lambley
The writing may be on the wall for the Red Centre NATS if you follow the Governments logic about interstate visitors. Or is that too close to the election to cancel??

CLP would build gallery at Desert Park, not Anzac precinct
Well, like it or not at least we know where they stand. It beats the four years of fumbling we have experienced at the hands of Gunner and Co.

Rates freeze but reduction unlikely
So, feels good to go solar right. Try youtube, a film where Michael Moore is executive producer, at the 25.48 or so minute mark it’s explained how silicon is made. When I went to school, I was told by my teachers it comes from sand. Now it seemingly appears they use coal to burn quartz, to make the product needed for solar panels.
As someone once said, “please explain”

Keep real time fire tracking tool funded: pollies
Who woke Snowden up?

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