Your anonymous sources must have attended a different CLC meeting …

Comment on CLC members want forensic probe into their organisation by Elke Wiesmann.

Your anonymous sources must have attended a different CLC meeting to the rest of us.
Maybe in some parallel trumpish universe, where the Australian National Audit Office which gives the CLC clean audit reports year after year is part of an elaborate cover-up?
Why not level with the followers of your blog and publish the alleged letter?
[We’re quoting from the document. Have a look. ED]

Recent Comments by Elke Wiesmann

Why taxpayers’ millions are spent: Don’t ask.
After sending you all those media releases and reports about the Mutitjulu pool and other CLC community development projects it’s disappointing but not surprising that you still fail to get your facts straight.
The Mutitjulu pool is NOT publicly funded.
It operates with the rent money the traditional owners of the jointly managed Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park have saved up over a number of years to strengthen their community.
That makes the traditional owner funded pool the only remote community pool in the CLC region with secure operational funding.

Law & order success; less Rock in tourism pitch
“Common belief” – is that the best the Alice Springs News can do?
How about the facts: In October 1993 the CLC and the NT Government signed an agreement to permit the Mereenie Loop road to be constructed for tourist use. The agreement specifically provided for the CLC to undertake all sacred site clearances for the new road, gravel pits and so on, and the existing road was built.
Without very significant concessions by traditional landowners over the years there would have been no road and despite its considerable commercial value as a tourist link the owners have never received acknowledgement of the benefit their decisions have brought to the local tourist industry.
The CLC is not “blocking access to a quarry … making the cost of sealing the Mereenie loop prohibitive”. This is a convenient excuse for government inaction. The CLC and traditional owners are ready and willing to move the process on and look forward to the government re engaging in discussions.

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