@ Elke: It would appear that you have a relationship …

Comment on CLC members want forensic probe into their organisation by June.

@ Elke: It would appear that you have a relationship (personal or professional) with ones who are employed in the CLC administration for the defensive comment you make.
They are being seen to be doing good LITTLE community projects, but the reality of all of this is this; INVESTMENT money!
Once money is moved in a resolution to a section of the PTY LTD companies within Centrecorp, the money then becomes private and no one can see who or where this goes to as.
These are listed with ASIC and as private businesses, they can move massive amounts of money around without having to notify the government.
But if the everyday Joe was to move $10,000, they have to notify the government, why then is private business able to do this?
The Aboriginal organisations are listed with ORIC of which are publicly accessible.
So through this investing of money, who is truly benefiting, not the Traditional owners, but the likes of Peter Kittle, Osborne brothers, and every other person involved in these companies.
Yapa are still in the same position as 20 years ago when royalties came into existence. At these private companies how many of the TOs from those tribes are actually working within them? NONE!
In all the years of operation, not once has there been such an audit, if they have nothing to hide I cannot see what the concern is. The time has come for our voices to unite especially us Warlpiri mob who have been trodden down for years … we want our money to benefit us!

June Also Commented

CLC members want forensic probe into their organisation
@ Walter Shaw: So this is how a CEO justifies his actions by verballing in a public forum that he and David Ross do the best they can.
Well, answer why yapa except a few, are still suffering in third world conditions.
Leaders are there to be a role model and advocate on behalf of the majority not look for personal gain through workplace knowledge … as stated by you: “I take my hat off to David Ross and others in the political spectrum like myself included in this field. It is emotionally consuming to inform the and preach to the unconverted blacks and whites alike. The meeting held on Tuesday holds no bearing.”
This meeting that you speak about did occur on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at 9.30am.
Why would you state otherwise and claim here that it did not? Perhaps in your perception it did not occur, but there are witnesses who know otherwise and it is documented in black and white, being a noted reference point.

Recent Comments by June

$2m worth of faith in Alice
Now, now … there are always people in Alice who are quick to defend the business people.
The question needs to be asked are you (Elvis and Local) a member of the families or close friends who are attached to all this advancement.
If you are then of course you will defend, it’s just a shame that the people who need it the most are still living in poverty while these people go gangbusters and get rich.

$2m worth of faith in Alice
Ian … too funny, it probably is royalty money from Kurra Aboriginal Organisation.
Another deal done for private business to get ahead.
Dave Tollner would have pushed the expansion through with out hesitation, it fits into the CLP philosophy of private business being the driving force for advancement.

Centrecorp not on Minister Scullion’s radar
If you go back over articles from when self governance for the Northern Territory came into play, this is where everything started to go downhill for Aboriginal people in the Central Desert Region.
It began with Robert (Bob) Kennedy being in the Alice Springs council and having first hand knowledge of the upcoming Native Title agreements and the potential to develop Alice Springs through royalties (who funded the re-development of the mall? ARTICLE – Todd Mall: Are we finally getting it right?).
When you look at mining agreements, the Aboriginal corporations get a small amount of the profits, being around 2.5% of the total profit of the mining company Newmont.
Then break this down to corporations having to invest monies up to 50% of the 2.5%, this is worth millions over the last 20 years or so.
This money is channelled through a Pty Ltd investment arm of the Aboriginal corporations and this money is put into Centrecorp (through the Central Australian Aboriginal Property Trust), by moving resolutions that have had prior discussions through the CLC and local business people (who have connections to the CLP, look at the businesses involved http://www.anao.gov.au/uploads/documents/Performance_Audit_of_Centrecorp_Aboriginal_Investment_Corporation_Pty_Ltd.pdf P16) and not involving the Aboriginal people (sounds like the old ATSIC way of things – under the table negotiations).
This money has gone onto fund Peter Kittle, the Osborne Family Trust and others.
I ask, when the Osborne Family sold Mitre 10 to become Bunnings, did any money borrowed go back to the Aboriginal Corporations?
This is the transparency that the Aboriginal people want to see, the bank statements and other documents that show that Aboriginal moneys do come back to the most impoverished people in Australia.
If you look at Foundation 51 and the payments (Electoral Commission; http://www.ntec.nt.gov.au/FinancialDisclosure/Documents/Disclosure%20-%20Annual%20Return%202010-2011%20%20Country%20Liberals.pdf), made to this organisation, the dots can be joined that all of this connected to the CLP Philosophy of: believe that the private enterprise system is the foundation for producing economic growth.
But it only benefits the business people who have major conflicts of interest and personal relationships with the members of the CLP to get their business proposals through the Planning Dept of the NT Government.
So why does Dave Tollner say that the government does not need an independent anti-corruption body? I wonder, perhaps all of these concerns may be uncovered and exposed?

Ryan: CLC members ready for breakaway
I want the CLC exposed for what they have done and are continuing to do.
Line the pockets of key business men [who get most of their] money from the Government to expand.
As long as CLC has “Yes” people in the groups they will get what they want. A lot of the time these people are not the right mob for the dreaming, and because you take the money from the land, you will get sick and die, I have seen it.
Your greed for money to all involved in the wrong doing of mother earth, which connects us to country, will eat you up and consume you with hate for others in your own tribe even your own family.
I feel sorry for you money hungry mob who just take, take … you do not have the voice of your people, you have bad karma coming to you.
All who are associated with the CLC administration. To Maurie I wish you good luck, you are acting as a guardian should to country!

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