The majority of our people don’t realise, CLC is a …

Comment on CLC members want forensic probe into their organisation by Richard Downs.

The majority of our people don’t realise, CLC is a government organisation. It does not belong to the people. All they are doing is another form of stealing ideas, culture, knowledge, land. This is information we cannot get back and belongs to the government to use against our people. The majority of my people say we got no culture, no power and if you want to find out anything about your people and land you have to go to CLC.
Any business / partnerships opportunities out on remote areas you have to try and go through the gate keepers.
CEO has been there too long, there should be a four year term only, then he/she must set up mentor training programs. This should have been happening over the last 30 years so other people have opportunities to take over from solicitors, lawyers, anthropologists.
Yes, where are the jobs in the businesses under Centrecorp. It’s time now to change directions, new blood, ideas, young people, real businesses.

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