Bravo – excellent choice! Just want to say, being an …

Comment on Custodian honoured for contribution to the arts by Joshua Santospirito.

Bravo – excellent choice!
Just want to say, being an artist (very) peripherally involved with WTS over the years, but also living and being heavily involved in ARIs and arts organisations in Hobart, Tasmania – I look at the Lofty’s as a really really wonderful example of how an arts community can make a historical through-line in its practice: drawing together disparate arts practices in a very transitory town. Not just the Lofty award, but the choices of winners has really created a much clearer story of contemporary arts in Central Australia for everyone else to see. Such a great initiative, and executed year after year with warmth, wisdom, and a certainty of vision.

Bravo WTS!
And a super bravo to Doris!

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